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Mar 16, 2006
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Denver and MV
This summer, I was picking up my kids from a dock and had a swell lift me up and when the boat came down, the rubrail on the port bow was pushed down slightly.

Is this something that is more than cosmetic and what other type of damage should I look for. Any suggestions about how to fix it?

I will be back on Martha's Vineyard in two weeks and I will take a photo for you to look at.


Pop the insert out of the rub rail there where the damage is. One or more of the screws that hold the rub rail to the hull are probably bent. Replace the bent screws, sealing the threads with silicone. If the vinyl rub rail is deformed you can heat it carefully with a heat gun and probably get it back in its original shape.
To get the full story you really need to remove the rubrail for probably 12" for and aft of the area in question. That included the insert and the backing. The mounting screws may have pulled out of the glass. In that case you'll have some holes to repair before refastening the rubrail.