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Feb 24, 2006
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Barnegat Bay
Although I sold my boat, thought I would post a pic of my bimini. Really was a simple layout that worked great.


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I'd love to know who did the work.....

Does the canvas snap into fastners glued onto the pilothouse roof?
The work was done by Van Note canvas of Lavallette NJ. The canvas top and front bar folds back onto the rear bar and a cover zips around the whole canvas and bar structure. The only thing left on the cabin is a 1 inch piece of canvas and half of a zipper. The bimini detaches from the boat with 4 pins and stores in my shed when not in use. It was a simple design that worked great and covered more of the cockpit than the stock Parker one. Was great for family, picnic on the bay, out when it was drizzling or just to get out of the sun.