Bluefin tuna in San Diego

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Mar 2, 2006
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Jamul CA
Put 100 mi on the little 2120 yesterday. Bad swell and 3' wind chop.

The 2120 handeled it well. 3 people, full tank of gas and 65 gallons of water.


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Nice job! Good to see the 2120 running offshore and scoring. I keep our 2120 on the Chesapeake Bay, but have been running small boats offshore for most of my life, and am planning our first trip offshore in our 2120 this summer. I was interested in knowing what size engine you are running, and how you would rate the sea keeping abilities of your rig?
Capt Yakes

Sorry for not replying sooner. Didn't check this post for a while.

I am running the f200 on my 2120.

It took me a little while to get used to the boat. It is different from other boats I have owned. Once you master using the tabs and install a permatrim you will realize the beauty of this little boat.

I do not hesitate to run out 60 mi or more if the fish are biting and the weather forcast is ok. I have been caught a couple of times is stuff I wish I hadn't gone out in. The boat handels the rouh stuff really well if you handel it right. I have removed the splashwell with no problem.
I have a small tower with a cooler for a seat. That adds 3' of usable space.
I have put 400 hrs on ti since I bought it new 15 months ago.

In the last two weeks I have been out on a 26' striper and a 24' Ken Craft
Neither boat matched the fish ability the 2120 does.

Good luck in your offshore adventures. Be safe.
Thanks for the reply.

Which "Permatrim" unit did you purchase? I agree that once you trim the boat right, it will run with many larger boats.

I am finally getting geared up to run for the Tuna here off Ocean City, Maryland. Big Bluefin have moved into the 20 to 30 fathom curve and are now in striking distance. Am getting ready to add some of the new style squid chains to my arsenal.

Just also added a center rigger to the hard top. I have the lee's hard top mount riggers up there as well.

I have a large 123 quart cooler up against the splash well, but am playing around with possibly getting one of the "Iceytek" taller models to put behind the pilot house wall.

Getting ready to purchase a new "EPIRB" as well, which I plan to mount near the door.

Hope you keep catching them up. I will be in touch when I get a trip under my belt.
Capt. Yakes

I am using an inexpensive Dolefin brand.

I put it on as a test to see if it helped the performance. It has improved the performance remarkably. It makes the tabs much more efective and eliminated the porpoising problems I was experiencing due to what I believe is the weight of the f200. What motor do you have?

As soon as I can I plan on ordering the alum. one I have seen, they are available on

Before I put the large Icytec cooler on the hardtop I tried using a large kill sack at the transom. It worked well until I filled it with 20lb yellowtail. It was way to heavy to be at the transom.

Good luck on the Bluefin. I wanna see some pics. of the boat and some fish soon.

Here are a few other pics.
Your pics did not post?

We have a Yamaha 150HP. HPDI, which once you get on a plane pushes the boat just fine. I do have the porpoising problem and took and am considering the alum permatrim that you mentioned. I would imagine that you have worse porposinging due to the additional weight of the 200. I was also considering a kicker, but decided against adding the extra weight to the transom.

How many lines have you been trolling? I am set up to run seven with the center rigger addition. I am pulling mostly daisy chains of squids and cedar plugs with a few ballyhoo thrown in. I am also pulling a large double teaser that I made myself. Would be happy to share how I did it as well.

Would like to see what you have done to the hardtop in the pictures.
I can't figure out why my pics aren't posting. Here is another try.


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That seemed to work. Here are a few more. Maybe


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