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Apr 18, 2006
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I have a 2520 and I'm considering maybe doing away with the shrink wrap and getting some sort of cover due to the rising cost of having it done. Have any of you guys found a good cover? They seem to be scarce for this size Parker. At any rate, I wonder if you would share what you do to protect for winter. Maybe you have a quick and easy suggestion. Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the reply. Looks like more woodwork than I want to do and no room to store it after. Its most of the work in shrinking the boat. I'm looking for a one peice cover I can pull over with a minimum of framing, or some other ingenious method.
FWIW my winter frame is made from 1" and 1-1/4" PVC piping. It all hooks together and stores as one bundle. It is a large "A" frame and even covers my radar mounted up high on my hardtop. I use one tarp, 25' by 40' if I remember correctly.

The steep slopes of the A-frame survive my New England winters and it sheds snow and ice extremely well, as nothing can stick to it. As a bonus, I can stand up under it on the foredeck and in the cockpit, for any off-season chores that need to be done.

Alas ... I lost all pictures of it when I moved computers ... :(
Tru Blue, where are you located? I am in New Jersey. This past winter I made a frame from PVC pipe and duct tape :shock: . Bought a big tarp to throw over it. I did it on a windy day. The wind, she blew. My son, he blew. With the tarp. Almost into the bay. I threw out the tarp. I threw out the frame. I had a friend shrinkwrap for me cheap. Sigh, lesson learned.

But the real lesson I learned is from observing the Parker 2520XL belonging to forum member Devilfish next to mine. His was just blocked with no tarp. No wrap. This winter I will mimic, as his boat is pristine, and my marina owner couldnt understand why I wanted to shrinkwrap a Parker to begin with. What I will do is wax the heck out of the boat when she comes out of the water. I will then wait a few days and put another nice wax coat on my 2520 and leave it unbuffed (hazy). Just make sure the self bailing holes in the transom are free from obstruction.
Interesting idea Tim. Do you have any pictures of the cover on your boat? Can you post them please if possible?

I was going to buy one of those portable garages for my boat this fall. I'm always looking for new ways to spend money!!!!
Uncle Matt,

Sorry, I do not have any photos of the canvas cover on my boat. I can tell you I have a 2520 and it covers everything down to the water line.
It has 3 pockets, 2 down the cockpit and one from the pulpit up to the cabin top in which we slide 2X4's. There are ventilation pockets sewn into it in 4 different areas. It's made of a very heavy duty canvas which breathes and is treated with some type of "wax" and it does repel water.
I bought the cover when I bought the boat in 1999. I have them store it for $35.00 during the season when the boat is in the water. They give it a once over before they store it for the summer and have made adjustments to it if they see it wearing abnormally in spots. They say there is a charge for that, but I have yet to get one....not sure why, I guess it was something simple for them. I pick it up in December and it is folded up beautifully and ready to pop up onto the cabin roof and just unroll. They mark it once it's rolled up, front, back, where to lay it and which way to unroll. It's a beautiful thing. I also have rocket launchers and it's re-inforced in that area and they cut a pocket in it for me to accomodate the remote spot light. The covers are not cheap, I think I paid $700 but that was in 1999. I think they are over $1000 now but the one I have I believe has at LEAST 10 years left in it. Looks new, really.
If it lasts me 15 years+-, do the math. I'm not sure what shrink wrap goes for.... I'll look again to see if I have a pic or two, if not, Im sure Fisher canvas can email you some..
I pay around 200-300 a year just to have my boat wrapped each year. I have the room and am looking at one of those large, rounded top RV shelters. I'm going to look into this as we'll. Thanks.
I looked into the Fisher cover, it looked like just the ticket. I choked on the price, $1240.00. It would pay for itself in three or four years, but I don't know if I'll have the boat that long.
danielb- I've had no trouble with ice or water damage. However, some sand did blow into the pilothouse somehow. As far as animals, they've been no problem. I will leave it uncovered again this year, however, I will be sure to buff and wax the metal inside and out since I had some corrosion this year.
Try Look under greenhouses and coldframes. They have a pretty good selection of easy to build shelters. I have used them as greenhouses and they are great. For a boat I would use something more breathable than greenhouse poly. May have to get creative there but the cost is reasonable and no carpentry skills are needed.

Mike B ... =1#M776636

In the above post is Megabyte's solution, which he furnished for me. I unfortunately did not listen, and made a frame of pvc pipe, and almost lost my son in a windgust (holding one side of the tarp). Long story. I tried tarping. Gave up. Shrinkwrapped ultimately, as my friend owns the marina and gave me a nice price.

This year I will mimic Devilfish, leave her uncovered, but waxed up real good. After all these are Parkers. This ain't no party. This ain't no disco. This ain't no foolin' around.