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Apr 17, 2006
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Waretown, NJ
Anyone have any suggestions on who is good to use for ordering lettering? Found a lot of decal sites on the web but I'm not sure who to trust.

If you already have a design, or just want some basic lettering, shadows, etc.. I found much better prices going to a local vinyl sign printing shop. I never even knew there was one around until I looked in the phonebook and found one within 5 minutes of my house. I emailed them the graphic that I wanted, told them it was for a boat and to use the thicker, UV resistant vinyl and it was ready in a couple of days. The price was a lot better than some of the Internet jobs as well.

-- Tom
I second Tom's advice. Use a local vinyl graphics shop. If you are near a boating community, they are probably experienced with boat graphics. There are several graphics "franchises" around the country like "Sign A Rama" and "Fast Signs".

Have them do a proof for you first, so you can make sure you are happy with the font before they cut the vinyl. (this is something you really -can't- do online) They can also suggest fonts and graphics effects if you don't already know exactly what you want.

For a few bucks they can apply it right on your boat too. They are experts at lining up and centering the graphics, and making sure there are no bubbles etc. 8)

Graphics are too important to the overall appearance of your boat to use less-than-top-quality materials. You owe it to your Parker to use a Pro! :lol:
My experience with BoatUS lettering has been fine. There may or may not be cheaper places to order from, but they worked out fine for me. Just make sure you follow their instructions putting it on (correct temperature..etc.).
I did the BoatUS lettering for my previous boat, and have the same lettring in-hand waiting to go on my Parker.

I just have to decide to "just do it". :)


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