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Apr 12, 2006
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Parker River, MA
Unfortunate circumstance when the boat was new; hull was improperly prep'd, apparently mpld release wax wasn't completely removed.

Light sand-blasting has removed most paint in those areas where initial paint and skip-sand never stuck. The other areas have a substantial amount of paint where it initially adhered well.

I'm inclined to use interlux interprotect 2000 at this point but I do not know if it can be overcoated on remaing hard epoxy that is left on the hull.
Is it necessary to remove all the paint with 299E or sanding before interprotect is applied.

Alternatively I'm considering just using two good coats of hard epoxy and switch over to ablative next year.

Inputs will be greatly appreciated.
I'm also uncertain if I need to use YMA601 to remove some mold release wax if it is still present. If not, maybe was down with an interlux solvent or denatured alcohol?


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Hi Chop,

I have a 1999 2520 and was having similar problems. I bought it new and was having problems with peeling paint every year (hard, un-epoxy).
My guess was left over mold-release wax so this year I scraped all the loose stuff off by hand, as much as I could easily get off. I then wiped down every spot that was bare fiberglass with Acetone changing the rag often and wiping in one direction. I can say the bare spots looked really really good, clean and shiny, looked much better after the cleaning but not sure if that means anything. I had some un-epoxy left over and put two coats of that on the cleaned bare spots and let it sit over night. I then painted the entire bottom with one coat (un-thinned) of Interlux ACT which is a seasonal ablative. Unfortunately, I wont know until December how it looks but I'm hoping this corrects the problem. The rest of the hull which wasnt peeling had un-epoxy PETTIT that was in really good shape. I know you can put ablative paint over a "hard" paint but not vice-versa.