Bottom Paint Touch-up, Prep for Wet Slipping Done

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Feb 23, 2006
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Isle of Palms, SC/Fairfax, VA
It had to be done before docking the boat at the marina. Ugg. I haven't painted a boat bottom since I was about 12 and my dad had his wooden 1966 Chris Craft 240CC brought to the house every winter so we could strip and paint her with that nasty old red stuff.

I didn't think about wearing gloves so cleaning up my hands and arms was, well, difficult! Anyway, the touch-up is done. Over the winter I will have it pulled and blocked so I can do a proper wet sand and re-paint.

The last sending unit for my instrumentation came in and is installed so my Lowrance Network is done as well.

I guess all I have to do now is splash her today or tomorrow and put her in her new home.

Are you using radar on your Lowrance Network? I'm in the market for radar and haven't decided between Lowrance or Furuno...I know Furuno has a great reputation but I like the idea of integrating radar with my Lowrance LCX-26C. I've been very happy with Lowrance equipment but because they are new to radar there isn't a lot of info available from users.