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Feb 23, 2006
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Annapolis, MD
Sort of a project. It is just that I wont do any of the work :p

Due to my last marina either not prepping the bottom of my new boat properly or not applying the paint properly while using a sandless primer, I have had bottom paint issues. I am resolving by having the bottom soda blasted, barrier coated, and repainted. Below is how my bottom looked prior to dropping the boat off this morning. I will post pictures of the bottom upon picking it up before taking it to be barrier coated and painted

Here is how my bottom looks currently:


Soda blasting seems to be a very popular media option in this area to clean off bottom paint, though I've also heard of blasters using walnut shells.

That bottom looks like a challange Greg. I hope this project turns out good for you.
Looking forward to the "after" photos.
I have heard that dry ice also works well. I suggest avoiding sand blasting to anyone. My father spent two days with filler after having his done... :evil:

I had the same problem with peeling with the original modified epoxy hard bottom paint (west marine brand) that I applied over a sandless primer when I bought my bought. We ended up removing it ourselves using Safety Strip paint stripper. What a mistake! It was the worst job - safety strip didn't work as advertised and we ended up basically sanding off the 3 coats of paint. End result was great but what a long and messy job.

If I was going to do it over, I would put the money into having it soda blasted.
Picked up the boat today and it looks fantastic.... so much better than my father's hull after sand blasting (would recommend sand blast to no one). I got the best price at Potomac Soda Stripping. The cost was $500 and it included taping the bottom to ensure that the gell coat wasnt touched above the waterline (I did take my boat to him for that rate). That is far better than I received any where else. I HIGHLY recommend them if you need your bottom paint stripped and are in the MD/VA area!

Here is the guys contact info if anyone needs their paint stripped--It beats the heck out of scrapping and sanding while bringing it right down to gell coat:

Potomac Soda Stripping
the guys name is Cal

My boat goes to Chesapeake Whalertown on Kent Island for prep, barrier coat, and paint tomorrow. One step closer to being in the water and having my bottom paint issues resolved.

after pictures: