Bow Thruster on a 2520XL?

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Feb 25, 2006
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South Florida
I had a very difficult time pulling into a transient dock on Block Island the other day. The wind kept pushing the pilot house off the dock. This was certainly not the first time something like that happened to me. The pilot house tends to catch the wind quite well. I couldn’t help but think a bow thruster would have solved this problem. Does anyone know if a bow thruster is feasible on a 2520XL or if anyone has tried it?
I don't know of anyone who has retro-fitted a bow thruster to a Parker, but it could be done.
Bow thrusters are routinely installed on all sourts of boats after-the-fact.

Installation isn't for the do-it-yourselfer, as you will need some specific tools. Making precise measurements, precisely drilling a large hole, fiberglassing in the thrust tube, then wiring the thruster may be beyond what most DIY folks can handle.

The good news is that thrusters are becoming very popular, and many yards have experience (and the tools) to perform the task.

Here are a few links to installation photo to give you an idea what is involved...

Here is a thruster FAQ: ... terfaq.htm

For a list of thruster manufacturers, Google Bow Thruster
Hope this helps.
Ugly, but quick install w/ no holes...not sure how well they do the job---

It can be done on a 2820 and Im sure it can be done on your boat too. We had one installed a couple of weeks ago and it turned a difficult docking situation into a piece of cake. Had a 30 ft Donzi cc in the same slip for 5 years and never had a problem bringing it in alone, but this Parker is like a sailboat. The wind takes it away from the dock before you can get to a line. Hated to go for the money but it was that or not use the boat alone.