Boy do I feel like a Jerk

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May 24, 2006
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East Setauket, NY
Hello Gentlemen,
Well I was able to square away my lighting problem. After cleaning my 40 AMP Buss fuses, I was still left with my running, and spreader lights not working. Turns out that the festoon light bulbs on the red & green lights were corroded. With both lights out, I thought it was maybe a switch or something. As for the Mast head light, it is meant to be a 360' degree light when running. I thought the 360 degree was for anchor, and that running was suppost to be a rear light 2 pts abaft the beam. Oh Well, So much for my Coast Guard training.
My friend Bill, who is a Local 3 Electrician stopped by Saturday to see about the Spreader lights. Being that both were out I figured the worst case scenario. I figured a switch, or bad connection somewhere. Bill checked out the bulbs, and sure as hec, Bad Bulbs. Boy did I feel like a Jerk. I did pick up a anti corrosive spray by Boeing to spray everything down. Well thats my update. Hope to be in the water midweek. Thanks again for all the help.
Yup, Lacking a stern light the masthead light needs to be 360 degree while running and anchored. The tip Megabyte gave about dilectric (sp) gel on the connections for the lights is one I'm going use.