Brand new Parkers NOT rigged with Yamahas?

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Feb 16, 2006
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Lewes, DE
I made a stop ay Indian River Inlet Marina (DE) while on a bike ride at the beach, to 'look at the boats'... 8)

Shorts Marine, the local Parker dealer in Millsboro (DE) happened to have a pair of Parkers on display at the marina
- a 2320 sport cabin and an 1800 center console, both rigged with Evinrude Etec power.




For what it's worth... The local Grady White dealer in Delaware (Taylor Marine) doesn't rig with Yamahas either.
They hang Hondas on all of their boats.

Apparently the Delaware boat dealers aren't 'Yamaha friendly'. :D
Beats me. I was suprised to see it too.
I thought all of the boats were pre-rigged with Yammies at the factory.

If you ever see the ads for Gradys sponsored by Taylor Marine, they Photoshop the Yammies out and replace them with Hondas.
They have been doing that for years...

I wonder is Shorts does the same thing with their ads? :)
I stopped by last year at Short's Marine (I originally purchased my boat from them) on my way down to vacation last summer and they had a brand new 2520 XL rigged with Mercury. Sales guy mentioned that they had to beg, beg, beg to get the factory to release them without yammies. Probably the same situation with the e-techs?
Just ordered a 2100SE. The manufacturer would not rig it with a Yammie F200 (said it was much too heavy etc.). However, they offered to build the boat and send it to the dealer unrigged. Who knows. I took their advice and ordered it with the Yammie F150.

Still unsure about that E-TEC. I moved away from OMC (I know I'm probably comparing apples to oranges between OMC and Bombardier) after my drive shaft stripped out at the crank for no apparent reason...everyone seemed to think it was "wear and tear". Doesn't make sense on a '01 225 with about 400 hours on it.
I don't think these boat companies have anything to lose by offering their customers a choice of factory pre-rigs. They would most likely draw in more customers due to increased engine choices.

How many die hard 2-stroke fans might avoid buying Parker or Grady because all you could get are those questionable 250 or 300 HPDI's. Offer some Mercs or E-Rudes on there and make the sale....

That's my $.02. :)
My Parker is rigged with an Evinrude 225 Ficht. Say what you want about the fichts but mine has been flawless since the day I bought it. THe dealer from which I bought my 2000 year model still does not sell Yammi's and all the Parkers from them are rigged with Merc's or Evinrudes.
I don't know for sure how it started out, but I bought a used 2000 21 SE in 2002 that had a 2000 model year Nissan 140 on it. It looked to be the original engine. I replaced the Nissan with a Yamaha 150 2 stroke a couple of years later. The 4 cylinder Nissan had to work too hard to get the performance I wanted. Yamaha 150 is faster, quieter, burns less fuel, and turns 1,000 revs less at cruise speed.