Bugs in the Motor and Fuel Filter Upgrades

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Ranger Tim

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Feb 18, 2006
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Central Virginia
Seems like every time I let the motor sit a few weeks I get insects nesting in various orifices. The pee-stream hole constantly gets some kind of wasp or dauber laying eggs in it and I have to ream it out with a long wire. Today I had to go back about two feet up the hose!

It was interesting to see the carpenter bees coming out of the exhaust and bubbling up in the water. I run the motor in a large garbage can a day before each trip, just because of this phenomenon. They hate the hot gases and Carbon Monoxide. I have to keep a motor cover on to keep 'em out of the intakes.

Today I installed the Yamaha stainless steel mount and water separator filter. It was a pain to have to drive 20 mi. to Lowe's and get 1/4 to 3/8 adaptors for the fuel line. I kept my 3/8 right angle because the 1/4 inch version looked too restrictive. I will install the Racor filter with clear bowl after this Yammie filter, plus keep another Yamaha filter as a spare onboard. Have you ever been stuck in an inlet with a motor that sucks air from a cheap (Tempo) separator filter that won't seal? ...with no spare? I have, and it ain't fun! I kept trying to tighten that sucker until it self destructed and leaked fuel into the bilge. Never again! No more el cheapo filters.


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I've seen that setup somewhere before... :)

Any concerns having two filters inline?

I've never heard of someone doing this before, and would want to be re-assured that dual inline filters wouldn't create too much of a restriction and limit fuel delivery to the engine.

I know I've read about guys removing their anti-siphon valves, and also their engine mounted filters (when there is an external fuel/water seperator in place) on older outboards because the fuel pumps weren't strong enough to 'suck' enough fuel at the upper ends of the throttle.

Hopefully someone who knows what they are talking about will chime in :)

-- Tom
This was a replacement for the factory set up, not an additional filter. There has been no issues with fuel restriction so far. I monitor both engine and bilge mounted filters for water and crud. They always stayed very clean until my first tank of ethanol last month.

I replaced the factory aluminum mount because it was flaking paint and beginning to seize the filter cartridges. The new Yamaha filters are good insurance against the ethanol "cleaning action" going on inside the gas tank. I also noticed they have a larger flow rating than the Mercruiser filters I was using.
Doh.. my bad... when you said you'd install the Racor AFTER the Yammie I got it in my head that you were going to use them at the same time..


-- Tom
tim, and company! as i understand it..tim, you have two fuel/water separators. the yahama system and a racor element in-line directly after the yahama.

by comparison, i too have the racor and from that i have a kicker motor ( 9.9) fuel line and a flo-scan sensor that connnects to the 200 hp fuel line. my fuel filter base has an electrical connection for a little red indicator mounted on the console (suppose to tell me water is in the filter if its red....(don't lnow if i works) the other connection is a plug so you can drain the filter and manually check for water.

--both the yahama and racor are 10 micron, correct?

-- you have noticed no fuel starvation probs. with two filters in line, correct?

--e-10 fuel caused debris in your filters..correct. has the problem been solved with two filters now? i have used about 30 gal, of e-10, checked my filter and the one under the cowling, both looked clean to me. my boat is a 2001.

-- i would like to hook my 9,9 up to the outboard side of the flo-scan sensor with some kind of fitting so i can track fuel usage with the kicker..kicker is now by-passed. the problem is most of the fitings i have located have a sharp 90 degree bend...you think thats to much restriction?
ps. the flo-scan folks could not tell me whether the flo-meter would work with the 9.9...their advice try it. i guess the simpliest thing would be is to unhook the big motor fuel line and temporarly hook-up the kicker and try it at the dock.

--wonder why yamaha did not put a drain or a bowl on their filters??? i heard they were made by racor.

wow my fingers are tired and i can't write sorry!!

I did not install a second separator filter directly in line after the Yamaha. After (at a later time) the Yamaha filter has been in for about six months I will exchange it for the Racor w/ drain bowl in its place. I am going to keep a second Yamaha filter as a spare on board.

I believe one large filter and the engine mounted small filter are enough to solve most problems with fuel contamination. Timely filter replacement is also important.

Sorry to give the wrong impression with the word "after" in my original post.
My Yam F-115s came equipped with a small in-line Racor mounted on the engine block under the cowl, and the large in-line Racor mounted in the bilge. So...at least for the F-115, the fuel pumps are designed to pull fuel through the anti-syphon valve on the tank, the big Racor, the Flow-Scan rate meters, and the small Racor. Have never had a problem with fuel starvation...yet.

Will see if I can get a pic of the little Racor. It has a red ring that slides up/down the filter body, and floats on water, to show if there is water in the filter body.