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Feb 17, 2006
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Normandy Beach, NJ
Out of curiosity I got a price quote to make ClassicParker burgees.
The price varies greatly depending on volume. Dale, Tom, other big men on campus, if it is an idea you would like to pursue I will foward you the info., or act on your command.
My quote ranged from $40 bucks each if I ordered only two, to $11 bucks each if I ordered one hundred. I am sure there are tons of places that do these as well. Maybe the right thing to do is once Dale is ready, I'll spearhead the project, show all you guys the cost options from the provider, open a thread to count how many are needed, and I'll order them and arrange delivery....

My guess is if, we have an order for 100 burgees, and they cost $11 delivered, then maybe we charge some increment above that to defray some costs of the site? (When I say we, I don't mean me... as I am just a participant trying to help out).
I am not one to jump into a thread "willy-nilly" but Classic Parker burgees are something that I would jump on like white on rice! Count me in for two as well... and the rest of all that cool stuff, you know, shirts, decals, hats, etc. Load me up!

Please get a quote for 50 ... thanks! Also, is it a 2-sided burgee?


Let's make sure we coordinate, as I have quotes on the 2 designes below. We also have a CP member who has stepped forward and volunteered to front the $$ needed to purchase 50 of them or so.

There are 2 designes below. Our CP logo will be screen printed and these are a double-sided burgee. The red trim around the burgee is sewn. The optional one with the larger URL of the CP site down at bottom will cost more (twice the set-up fee) as they need to make both a left-hand and right-hand version.


  • CP Burgee - OPTION.jpg
    CP Burgee - OPTION.jpg
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  • CP Burgee - BACK.jpg
    CP Burgee - BACK.jpg
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  • CP Burgee - FRONT.jpg
    CP Burgee - FRONT.jpg
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Don't back off ... as I'd like to see other options and pricing ... I just meant I didn;t want 2 orders being placed :) .
Parker23WA":1tvgbort said:
Were any of these flags ever ordered? If so I'd like a couple.
Yes they were! But the maker still has NOT delivered them in time for us to arrange CP Xmas sales :( ... still waiting to receive them ... :cry:
Still no Burgees. It appears some good men who lead this site got stiffed by the burgee guys. I will leave it to the moderator whether or not they want to publically share the burgee maker's identity.

I did call the number though, and left a message in my best Tony Soprano voice (I was respectful however):

"Hi this is Sal Giglio. I live in Jersey and am flying out to some friends in San Fran and Sausalito next week. I wanted to check on our Parker order, cuz I dont know why its takin so long. I'd like to stop by and see the flags. Call me back."

I left him my number; we'll see.
Hi guys:

Now that the vendor isn't returning my emails or voice messages ... perhaps he'll listen to YOU ... the Voice of the People who want the burgees. You may contact the burgee vendor at:

Matthew Byers
Yachtflag Company
41 Knollwood Drive
San Rafael, CA 94901

(415) 235-8187

NOTE: In light of the 'delicacy' of this situation (as he has you understand, $430 of John CBIGMA's money that John put up for the good of CP [thus I owe him that $$]) ... please be firm but polite when asking "WHEN the Classic Parker burgees will be delivered?:

I wouldn't want the anger of someone else to cost us' either the $$ or items. I want one or the other ... Thank you!
Dale I know that intelligence should prevail, and everything should be done to get either the burgees or the money. If it does not work out, I insist on pitching in to you and john.