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Mar 16, 2006
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Denver and MV

Wanted to say hello as an owner of a 2003 Parker 1801. Grew up in SoCal as a surfer and tuna fisherman, moved to CO for college and met a girl from MA who could'nt handle living in La Jolla with me, so we moved back to Denver in 1993.

The upside to being married to a Masshole is that her family spent summers on Martha's Vineyard and has a house overlooking Middle Ground. After several years of looking at fish breaking beyond casting distance, I bought a 13' whaler a few years back and used it for a couple of weeks each summer that I join my wife and kids. Now that the two older kids have the bug, I needed a bigger boat.

After months of research, I narrowed the choice down to a Parker or a Jones Bros. While I think I liked the JB slightly more, the scarcity and high prices led me to buy a Parker 1801 that is perfect for flyfishing for stripers, tuna, and bonito. Thinking about taking the name I used on the whaler, Tunatic.

Boat is being stored outside Boston and I will pick it up and take it down to the Island Mid-May. Already has pop up cleats, Bennett M-120s, and a low profile rail, so should be excellent for FF.

Added a Garmin 178C and a Garmin 160 Blue, plus a VHF and maybe a marine amp to power the Ipod for tunes.

I am thinking that I should add a washdown and maybe plumb it for a small livewell? Coming from a bloody tuna fishing upbringing, I am no stranger to using live bait and can see that it is an underutilized technique back east.

I also bought two Bluwater designs flyrod holders that will be mounted on a T mount. This will join the existing single holder to allow me quick access to three rods.

I also am contemplating a changeout of the Racor filter. The current housing is aluminum and is badly corroded. I think an upgrade to Stainless Steel would be a good idea.

Stoked to be on the board and learn from others. Seems like most folks have pilothouse boats. Any good projects for a smaller center console?



  • Stern Starboard Qtr. on Water (Small).JPG
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Welcome to virtual Parker nervana.

Yes...I found out the hard way that the pics must be under a certain file size, and screen size (800x600 I believe). Also discovered that I couldn't place more than three pics in a single post/reply. Maybe Dale can fix that.
Porkchunker":1lv8t349 said:
Welcome to virtual Parker nervana.
Also discovered that I couldn't place more than three pics in a single post/reply. Maybe Dale can fix that.
Are you sure about that? I posted 7 in one post for the 2510 post pictures ... we'll look into it.
Good suggestions and allowed me to add the resized pics. However, I was also limited to the three pics, so I will try a few more on this post.

On the console close up, you can see the current electronics display. I intend to mount the 160 Blue FF to the left of the 178C and to drill a hole behind the units to allow the power cords to stay away from the antenna wires. Any suggestions about where to mount a stereo? I might just mount the amp inside the console and snake a small input wire to the outside for the Ipod. However, a radio would be welcome for listening to the BoSox.


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