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Feb 26, 2006
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Parker provides a link to some 12 volt cabin heaters. Has anyone used one? Will is take the chill out of a 2520's cabin ? How bout the draw on the alternator along with everything else (ff, radar, am/fm, nav, lights, ect..) ?
Do they list a wattage rating? Divide the wattage by your voltage, using either 12 or 12.6, and that is the amp draw. More than the alternator, which should put out 35 to 55 amps at and above 4K RPMS, you need to make SURE that the wiring you connect into can handle the ampacity of this additional load.

Remember, the TOTAL length of the run - to and from - of the item must be calculated to determine the wire size needed.
I also use a portable propane heater. Propane is heavier than air, so make sure it is approved for indoor use or confined spaces, otherwise it could be dangerous. Mr. Heater is approved for such use.
Just got my Buddy Heater from Cabelas, it works great, I have tried car heaters in our boat and they just eat battery juice, can not wait to go offshore in a week or so and be comfy and warm, thanks for the tip !
I have a propand heater I bring allong when we cod fish it the freazing cold winter months.
But to be honest, it makes me nervous as hell of starting a fire, even though I made a heavy base to put it in (from a milk crate) so it won't tip over.
And I leave the side windows open some so there is some ventilation.
I wish I had that 28ft with the deisel inboard !!! :cry:
I will be really careful with it, but I am sure it will keep us warmer inj the mornings, we get a mooring at night over at catlina, in the winter it is not crowded, in fact usually there are only a couple of boats, so it will be nice er with the heat !
I also use the propane powered Mr. Heater Buddy. But since I have a WA with vinyl curtains, there is enough air moving to keep any unburnt propane or CO2 from building up. I use propane in the garage in the winter for working on the woodie (see my signature), but have a CO2 sensor in the garage. Will probably add a CO2 sensor to the boat before I use the propane heater again.

my solution is probably unique and not widely applicable.....i keep
a 110 ceramic heater on board from oct to may....with my (upgraded)
hehr alternator, i can run and provide for it without any draw....this
is one benefit of the 350 i/o....also, if it is bitter cold, i can plug in at
a marina for the 1500 watts, it makes the cabin very, very
cozy indeed.........if i run the heater on shorepower all night, keeping
it 65F constantly for 12 hrs, then run with it on, the time i might have
with the engine off is quite tolerable; if the HULL falls down to the 30`s
then the cabin gets a "deep" chill which seems bone-piercing, but if the
hull and contents start at 65F, they provide a while of residual comfort...

in the winter, under the tarp which is open at both ends, i will use
a catalytic heater "......pal", but i would never put any fuel burning
device the time you get adequate ventilation, you have
damn near offset the the heat! the very least, PLEASE INSTALL
CABIN.....they are cheap and reliable...........dan