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Bryan 2530

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Mar 5, 2006
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Westbrook CT
Does anyone know or can someone get me a measurement from the water line to the very top of the cabin on a 25 or 28 foot parker with pilot house? Don't include any removable things such as lights and rod holders? I am seriously considering a Parker but need to clear a bridge on the way out.
Thanks in advance.
2520 XL

84 inches from waterline to roof..... roof is sloped so this is an estimate to the height in the middle

Add 3 inches for grab rail.....

Add 12 inches for rocket launcher....

So stock boat with rocket launcher will need at the very minimum...96 inches.... and that doesn't account for waves rocking and rolling.

I guess I'm a little shorter than the DV

I have a Raydome on an adjustable aluminum mount. It sits about a foot above the Pilothouse roof. No rocket launchers. I pass through two bridges every trip out. I've measured 7 feet clearance, I have a "safe" rule of 7.5 feet and and when I hail the bridge I ask for 8 feet.
Thanks guys. The posted clearance is 6'6" at High tide, more depending on Moon phase and so on. The bridge is fixed so I would have a small window of no passage if I went with a Parker pilot house. Maybe balast tanks. :D :D :?: Thanks again for the responses.

I bet if you dropped the anchor light, and didn't have rocket launchers or radar etc,, you'd be good to go on just about everything but a spring tide.

Just keep the pilothouse roof "naked" and spray with a heavy coat of Woody Wax to cover those "tight" days! :mrgreen:

Grease her up!!! :D :D :D
Actually I like the 28 with the folding tower option but I have not actually seen one in person yet. I wonder how far the tower mounts stick up. They look to be below the crown of the top deck.
Heck I haven't even been on a parker but I am in love with the pilot house concept. Is the 28 that much bigger or just a longer hull?
This is a good question and general discussion, as I've thought about it in the past.

A few times when I've hauled mine to the Cape I've gone under a short bridge after launching it for a different weekend. Several years ago when I just had a GPS on the top handrail I used a label maker and put the height to the sensor at my helm station. I would drop the white light and antenna.

I have to correct it since I've had the rocket launcher for a few years but I put the height right at the helm so I wouldn't forget.



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Old post revisited.

I am considering a 2530. I was wondering if anyone with one out there new the bridge clearance to the top of their pilot house minus all removable stuff. I assume it is very close to what has already been posted but figured it couldn't hurt to ask. Thanks in advance for any replies.
I measured about 71" to the roof hand rails before, as noted (for my boat, you need to measure yours with typical loading in the water).

I still have to adjust for the tallest item, the rocket launcher.

I have a 28 with the folding tower. I have not measured it, but the tower when folded is still higher than the top of the PH. Furthermore, it would be no fun trying to raise and lower the tower on the water for a low bridge. It is a heavy SOB.
Thanks guys for all replies, the problems I have right now

1. I don't own a Parker yet.
2. The boat I'm looking at is not in the water.

Any 2530 owners want to chime in?
I don't own a 2530, but the clearance should be pretty close to the same as the 2520 DV, as both have the 21 degree hull.
The 2530 would be heavier than the 2520, but I doubt it would sit more than an inch lower in the water.
Thanks guys, Dcunnif I didn't mean to offend I thought you had a regular sport cabin. I figured all 25 Pilot houses would be similiar. On Friday I'm going to check out John from Madison's (member here) boat. It is in the water so I should be able to get better idea of what they look like in the water, tape measure in hand. Once again thanks guys.

Dcunniff got any more pics of the 2530? Would love to see them.
Actually, it is good you replied. I just re-read things and saw I said 71 inches. That was a typo. I had 7 foot, 1 inch, not 71 inches to the handrail, which is 85 inches. Sorry, and it matches what others said.

Yes, I have photos.

Tell me views you want.

Here is a side view out of water.



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Kevin, it must be telepathy.

I pull this view out often when someone asks for a shot of a 2530, and you reply.

You need to come to MA sometime or jump on a 2530 around you.


OK, one more view from last spring.



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That is a very nice looking boat. Did you just buy it? It seems like I stumbled across her on boat trader or something recently. I am interested in all aspects of the boat, interior and exterior. The one I am looking at has twin outboards on a bracket.
Bryan, couple interior views.

I think you can go to someone's name and see past postings. Would be an easy way to see past photos posted.



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