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bdgrbu":1dwdx90k said:
Anyone have any idea where to get spare Perko and Mobella keys?

FWIW my Dad was a 2nd generation locksmith, so I might be able to help you out here. For the Perko lockset, go to a good local full-service locksmith and have them try the Ilco Y12 (0 1122A) keyblank. They will need to push the shoulder "on the top & bottom of the blank" about 1/8" before they can cut the key.

The listing for Mobella says it uses either the same blank above or the O1122 key blank. Mobella is a Swedish lock company bought out by SouthCo and Ilco (a keyblank mfg'r) released blanks for that Mobella keyway in late 2004. ... not sure if the shoulder needs to be modified here though ...

Keyways to locks change periodically, so this info could be out of date. If you got stuck and aren't using them on a weekend, send them out to me via mail, I will cut you copies as soon as I get them and send them right back to you the same day.

I had a cabin key made at Home Depot. The guy who cut it and myself didn't think it was going to work. The new key was at least 1/8" short but to my surprise it works fine.

Don't spread this too far...but a small flat-blade screwdriver (or knife) to turn the keyway, and a paperclip to drag the tumblers will pick that lock faster than you can pick your nose. :( :( :(
Porkchunker":1tlf52ef said:
Don't spread this too far...
So true, but really fill up the cylinder with OMC/Bombardier "Triple Guard" blue-colored waterproof/synthetic grease ... and you'll sloooooooowwwwww the picking process done so far that the key will be exponentially faster ;) .
IMHO, If someone wants to get into your pilothouse, that lock won't stop them. I leave mine unlocked so that they don't potentially do more damge by prying or breaking their way in.
Stonebuster, I agree. If someone wants in, they will get in. I keep some deck chairs in my pilothouse and Im just trying to deter a rookie from just walking in and taking them. If anyone wants at the electronics, they will find a way.

Thanks for the info and your help. Im going to give it another shot around here and stop at another hardware store or a locksmith. If that doesn't do it for me, I may have to take you up on your offer.