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salty sam

Feb 23, 2006
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I have a '04 25XL and am working on a set of rod racks for the V-berth area. Great boat but no rod storage! My intent is to make them out of Starboard and have them follow the contour of the hull sides. Probably be able to get 4 rods per side. This will leave the bunk area free. Has anyone bought/made/installed rod racks in the V-berth area? Suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

Does your V-Berth have the carpet? One trick would be to use a long backer piece and screw that into the hull area way up where the rubrail is on the outside of the boat. No one will ever see it and you get the strength of drilling through the overlap of the hull cap to hull joint, so you're going thru double thickness glass.

Here are some photos "Parker" came up with to outfit his Parker. We'll get him to chime in and give you more info. So please look these over and ask away with your questions. Oh yeah ... welcome to this site :D !


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I guess that I should chime on on the rod racks. Dale thanks for posting pictures of them. I am still having resizing issues. In any event I believe the pictures speak for themselves, but if anyone has any specific questions ask. By the way, after my father finished loading the boat - we had to raise the waterline.

Thanks for the tips and pics. If I had that cabin set up I'd be able to do something like that and solve all my problems.

What I'm thinking of trying is to use a strip of 1/8"'x1/2" aluminum flat stock and have that follow the contour of the rod rack which is also the contour of the hull sides. At the bottom end where it hits the V-berth I'll bend it to lie flat on the berth for several inches and attach with screws. The bunk cushions will cover the attachment point. I might also extend the upper end of the flat stock past the rod rack and use a strip of velcro to attach to the carpet on the hullsides. The natural curve of the hull and the 2 attachment points should give it stability.
I tried the aluminum flat stock and bolting the rod holders to the stock and then Velcro the stock to the rug with lip on the bottom. in rough seas it fell. I think Dale has the right idea of drilling into the rub rail. It has to be held from the top. Me, I'm afraid to drilling the hole.
you should be able to mount a drod rack sideways onto the cabin roof for holding rods six feet or less. I did that in my 2510 and it worked great.
Cheerios":udwxz4rc said:
I think Dale has the right idea of drilling into the rub rail. Me, I'm afraid to drilling the hole.
Heck, that's a short ride ... so I'll head over to Glostah and drill the holes for you :shock: ! Then we'll plan to meet up with John and see his "Perserverance" while we're over that aways :D !
I have one of the "Baby" Parkers--1801CC. I installed rod racks to hold my flyrods 4 years ago and they have held up well. I cut a strip of teak to match the hull contour, bonded to the hull with 2 Ton Epoxy and then screwed the rod racks to the teak. That way I had to drill no holes in the hull. I carry fly, spinning and casting rods in the racks and so far everything has stayed in place despite some very rough conditions. Maybe worth a try before you pick up the drill !!
Parker28 - do you know how thick the trunk cabin roof is in order to pick the right size screw so that I wouldn't go through the outside glass? I'll have to measure my rods and see if I meet the 6' max size.... Thanks.
Sam - you may try affixing the rod racks with 5200. This way you don't have to worry about the screws pulling out. I would be afraid of using screws, the other option would be to through bolt the rod holders.

Good luck...
salty sam":1eq6397z said:
Parker28 - do you know how thick the trunk cabin roof is in order to pick the right size screw so that I wouldn't go through the outside glass?
In my '92 vintage 25' SC, the trunk cabin is ~5/16" thick, not enough to screw into. But ... you could use a longer bolt on each of the bolts holding in the trunk cabin handrails and make some kind of mount that suspends off of them.
Salty Sam, I tried to guesstimate the thickness by looking at other holes that my electronics cables went through. This gave me a rough idea. I used the black plastic rod holders sold in tackle stores. They come with 3/8'' stainless screws. They did not penetrate the roof. I also used 5200 adhesive. So far it held up.
Well I finally installed the racks I made over the winter. Mainly for holding them off the bunks while in the slip. They attach to the V-berth base and I've used several strips of velcro to hold them along the hull side so they don't shift. I'll cover the sticky back velcro with some sort of cloth to blend in later. Comments??


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Here is what I did to be able to store 4 rods in the v-berth (2 on a side).


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Ok I know they are light rods but I have 3 rod holders mounted behind the port seat on my 2120. Simple lee over head holders. 7' rods are tight, 6'6" or less are ideal.


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