Can't get spreader lights or running lights to work

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May 24, 2006
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East Setauket, NY
Hello Gentelman, I was wondering if one of you guys could help me diaecnose a problem? I had my boat tuned up in March, and new batteries installed. A couple weeks ago my nefuew was home on leave from the USMC. We turned on the GPS to go over a couple things, and then shut it down. Today I turned on the Perko to both batteries and started the boat to get it running for awhile. It satrted no problem. Then I went to put lights and GPS, etc on to no avail. Called Whitewater, and Ken told me check conections and possibily a breaker. Well, there were two 40 amp waterproof fuses with badly corroded conections. I cleaned them up, and everything is working except my spreader lights, and red and green running lights. Anchor light works, and I checked fuses. None seemed to be blown. Is it something simple I hope? Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreicated. Also, did anybody see the spell check button!! LOL Thanks. Tommy May
On 12VDC, I first always check the fuse/breakers, but then check the grounds for each one of those items that isn't working. Then check to see if the switch that powers each one is getting juice.

An easy way to do this is with a test light or make a simple test light out of a bulb with 2 leads, red/black. Bridge it across the switch in question (+) to the main ground buss (-) and if it powers, then power is getting to the switch. Make sure you go from the terminal on the load part of the switch, which is the leg that "closes" to complete the circuit, as the other leg is always live.
Thanks Dale,
I was out there today and was messing around with the stern combo anchor light. Looked to see if there was any corrosion. While doing that I broke one of the lights. I called West Marine to inquire about the lights, and when the tech asked for a # off side light, I touched it and it lite up. Then I took the light bulb from the side light that started to work and put it in the port side light. It started to work. Taking a closer look at the bulbs, they looked a little corroded on the inside. My combination Stern-Anchor light still only operates with both bulbs working. The front is supossed to go out when running lights are displayed, but stays a 360 degree light.
Anyway, I'm not the greatest electrician, but a local 3 friend says he may be able to look at it this weekend. Thanks for the info.
Also be sure to "goop" up the base and sockets of your light too with dielectric grease.
Daniel & Hale,
Thanks for taking the time to go over those things. I posted a reply " Boy do I feel like a Jerk" , which describes how I corrected the problem. So far the site has been very helpful for me, and I plan on recommending it to anyone who owns a Parker. Take care.