Catalina Island 11-25 and 11-26 Squid, Yellows, Lobster

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Nov 30, 2006
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Southern California
Left Davies Saturday morning with Ed Jr. and Jerry De La Paz for 2 days at Catalina. Plan was to chase the yellows at the West End and do some hooping that night then chase the ‘tails on Sunday. Picked up a beautiful scoop of sardines from Nacho and tried for mini macks around the barge. Too many seals so we went out to the front of the break wall for about 10 pieces. Headed for the West End straight into a 2-3 foot swell making for slower ride than I would have wanted as we were anxious to catch some fish.

We made the island in an 1 hour 15 minutes and kept going to Ironbound Cove where we had some success last weekend. The entire fleet was there also. Decided to set up just outside the rock to the west of the cove and started catching bonito. Moved around the point to the area just off Ribbon Rock and on my second cast on the fire iron # 5 in scrambled egg this nice 12 lb yellow just inhaled the jig:


Ed Jr. also caught this little Mako that was handful until we were able to cut the line for a clean release:


That would be it on the yellows for us for the day. Decided to try the Farnsworth out for sculpin, rockfish and a small sheephead. No surface action for us or the 2 other boats anchored up. Headed back to Ironbound for more bonito and a couple of calicos. Ran into Mike in his new ride Pelagic Playtime (very nice boat!) who gave us the 411 on the squid. Thanks again for the info. Plan now was to head for the east end and drop the hoops and head back to Silver Canyon and see if we could find the squid. We managed just 4 legal’s with many shorts. Here’s Ed Jr. with our catch:



First couple of sets were good then the current just died. No more bugs. Headed for the squid grounds and just as Pelagic Playtime reported earlier we were the only boat out there. Dropped the light in the water and within minutes the squid showed and so did the seals. There must have been 12-15 seals around us. We managed to snag and net 60-70 pieces before we called it a night. If it wasn’t for the seals I think we could have had a full float. This was the first time that Ed Jr. and Jerry hoop netted and made squid from a private boat. It was a cold but a very clear night with the sky just full of stars. Woke up at grey light and headed back to Ironbound with high hopes of duplicating Mike’s yellowtail catch the day before. We anchored in all areas of the cove inside and outside but only managed more bonito, a couple of bass, perch and sheephead with most being released. Not what we were looking for but it kept us busy. Went back to Ribbon Rock and we were chased away (via loudspeaker)from a spot that I thought was far enough away by our friends on the Pursuit. What really pisses me off about this is as soon as we moved out the Sport King pulled right into that same spot as well as another PBer. I should have stayed there as I was not even within casting distance of the Pursuit. We anchored just out side of the fleet and the current was going uphill then down. Only saw a couple of yellows caught on the sporty’s while we were there. Finished the day just outside of West Cove for more bass, bonito and perch again most being released. Headed back to Davies around 3pm with a following sea doing 30+ mph all the way in. The DFG were at Davies and were very cool in giving me only a warning for forgetting to leave a 1 inch patch on the 3 fillets I kept for my neighbors. I will never forget to do that again. Great two days on the water and looking forward to the seabass and squid moving into the island.

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Now that is a fishing report! :D
Very different than what we have here in the right coast. :)

Thanks :!:
Porkchunker":33z3h0bk said:
What is a "yellow?" Looks like the blue fish we get here on the East Coast.

Gotta tell you Dave... when I saw that photo, I thought the same thing.
"Holy cr@p! What a huge blue!"

I have no idea what a yellow is either.
Different fishes out there in the Pacific Ocean! :shock:
It is a California Yellowtail. Same family as the Amberjack. Very hard fighter. Ranges from Southern California south to Mexico. A larger version is found off New Zealand, Southern Yellowtail, which they also call a "Kingfish". More California Yellowtail pics