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Nov 10, 2006
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Solomons MD
Thanks for the Koozie - nice touch! Found it in the cockpit last week when I was checking on my boat at Pt Patience in Solomons. Got my 2520XL last March - second best decision I've made in my life. Put on 80 hrs thus far. Reluctantly planning to pull it for the Winter just after Thanksgiving. Considering keeping it in until January. What's the worse that could happen?
Hello Russ!

It sounds to me like Porkchunker was the ClassicParker member who Koozied you. :shock:

This is the place where Parker Owners have the most boating fun while not actually -on- their Parkers. :)

Can't give you any tips about extending the season in MD. Up here in MA, Jan would usually be an icy gamble but we've got lots of ClassicParker members down your way, and I'm sure they'll chime in with recommendations. 8)

Welcome, we're glad you could join us.

Yep...I'm the one who Koozied you. :D :D :D I'm up on the lot behind you on a trailer. Every time I go in/out I wonder who owns that good looking Parker.

Welcome to the site, and enjoy the forums, threads, and lots and lots of pics of boats and projects.
Yeayyyyyyyy! Our first (so far as I know) "CP koozie member". :D
Way to go Dave! 8)

Welcome aboard Russ! Glad to have you here. :wink:

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