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Feb 23, 2006
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Annapolis, MD
gw204 and I took the B-Faithful down to the CBBT to fish again this year. I almost canceled due to the over hyped cold front that pushed through on Friday. I am glad we didn't.

Friday we left Kiptopeke at first light and started trolling the pilings of bridge. It started slow but once the tide changed we landed nice 35" er on a pole that gw204's grandfather made and lost a larger fish. After losing the larger fish we found millions of birds and decided to put away our trolling gear. We ended up having our fill of light tackle bucktailing bass from 20"-28" before the seas became unbearable due to the cold front . Here are pics from the first day:

gw204 with the 35"er

hot pole gw204's grandfather made working a spoon

Birds looked like gnats

me with a nice fish on 8lb test

The second day started out a bit rough due to the front the night before. Unfortunately the seas and bud light caught up with gw204 so he wasnt feeling the best. After use of the Home Depot bucket, a tide change and the winds lying down some the day was on.... We trolled the same area as the day before and again landed a 35"er and lost another fish before finding the birds in the shallower water. After chasing birds for a bit we anchored just off the bridge and we had fairly constant action of 20-28" fish on light tackle for quite a while. It was becoming repetitive and we decided to go back and troll the deep water just off the bridge for some bigger bass. I glad we did. We ended up with a nice steady stream of 38" fish. I think we caught 4 or 5 and lost a few. One may have been a boat record that broke lose with the leader in my hand.

Here are pictures of day 2:

gw204 killing the bucket :grin: (who needs a head)

Me on the fight then with a couple fish



gw204 and some of his fun




Overall a great trip. caught lots of fish, met some cool guys with a 25 c-hawk at the ranch, and enjoyed just working it and hanging out with gw204.

I want to thank gw204 for working the trolling rods hard. He had to keep em clean and always rigged right. You rock man. I know things were hectic for a while :thumbsup:
Nice pictures of pretty fish. Looks like you guys had a great time. I am jealous!!! GW 204 - did you have to give a tip to get that special seat on deck? By the way - that looks like the same head that I have on my boat.
he refused to look at the camera when it was being taken. However, the photos were on his camera and he emailed them to me. I consider them fair game. His embarassment doesnt equate to the punishment it put me through though..
Go ahead you guys, poke fun. :)

Greg's just lucky I pointed the dirty end away from him when it came time to clean up. :shock: :shock: :shock:

All in all, a great trip. Greg did a tremendous job of running the boat given the high wind and fast moving current. Thanks bud!

But rig presentation, boat handling, etc. had nothing to do with our success. Our secret was...


...and lots and lots of it. :D
Old board name: gw204
New board name: Dimples :?:

Gotta speak with the board admin... :D
I had a blast down there a week ago fishing FLW and can't wait till we make the trip down there again next year!!!