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Feb 16, 2006
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Newbury, MA

Ok, for the price of $4 each I picked up a few of the 12-ounce ones in the golden pogie or bunker color. How deep do they troll :?: ?

Up here in the Nor'East we usually troll against the current as slooooooow and as deeeeeeeeep as we can when fishing for stripers, errr ... rockfish.

Comments on fishing these 12-ounce lures?

Did anyone ever try putting a live or dead bunker or herring off of the hook in place of the plastic swimming tail?
Many of the better fishermen down here prefer the large silver eyes. A lot of guys pour their own jigs and bucktail heads and glue large silver prism eyes to them. Know at least one who will pry the gold, red, eyes off and replace them with large silver prism eyes. Key is BIG eyes, and they should be SILVER. :D :D :D
I picked up a few at 12 and 24 oz. I bet type of line, length of line, speed, and if you are running in tandem affects running depth.

Unfortunately, I ran one when fishing with gw204 last friday and have to say that I was disappointed with its swimming action. We will see how they do. It was only one trip and only had two fish that hit on umbrella rigs. I will keep throwing one or two out and see how they do. If they fail to produce, I will have to stick with my favorite parachutes and shad buck tails for Too bad they are like $10 per lure
George Pieper has done quite a bit of work documenting how deep certain lures will run, depending on the type and weight of different lines.

One of Georges trolling articles is available on Tidalfish, which might help. ... ticleid/40
For some reason, the lure depth chart table didn't make the transition to the new forum software, but I believe I have a copy of the chart at home that I can mail you, if you'd like.

I generally run my big Mojos in close as a single, similar to a dummy line. My lighter Mojos are rigged as the bottom tandem on a 3-way with a shad-dressed bucktail above. Depth will be determined by speed and the type of line you are using, so you may have to experiment to find your target depth.