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Feb 17, 2006
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Normandy Beach, NJ
Do you guys take off the cowling each time? I guess today's fuels require more than what I used to do... Would you mind listing what you do?

Alls I did the few times I have been out is switch the battery each time and make sure my F250 pees....
I do nothing. I peek at my Racor's clear bowl about once every 5 trips, probably less.

I know the sound of my motor if anything was wrong.
Lately I pull the cowl off about every third trip where each trip is 25 miles or less..... check the Racor for water about every other use just to make sure.

When I start going offshore with round trips between 75 and 160 miles I'll check both the oil and the filter for water before each use.

I usually pull the covers and check the oil. Haven't been checking the little filters on the motor or the clear bowl Racors in the bilge for water on a regular basis, but with the new ethanol fuels, I'll be doing that more often.