Chesapeake Bay rendezvous weekend report #1

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Feb 16, 2006
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Lewes, DE
Well... the 1st Annual Chesapeake Bay regional rendezvous is over, and I have to declare it a huge success! :D

The WX forecast early on was iffy... The prediction was sunshine, moderate temperatures, low humidity... and wind. :shock:
The initial forecast had the rendezvous meeting in 20kt NE winds and waves on the Bay to 4'. :x Holy smokes!!!

DaleH (our weekend mystery guest) flew in early on Friday, and we took the Megabyte out on a scouting mission...

My plan was to show Dale some of the sights of Annapolis that he would never see from land... scout out possible anchorages for the Saturday raft-up, and generally see how the Bay was with a north wind at 20 kts (which is what we had on Friday). :shock:

As we poked our nose out of Whitehall Bay into the Chesapeake, it didn't look too bad, so we headed south to Thomas point Lighthouse... the most photographed lighthouse on the Chesapeake.
Check out the water... No problem!!! :)


After that... we went up the South River to Liberty Marine for fuel. :)
Thanks to J.A.Veil for letting me know that the fuel dock girls uniform of the day is 'swim attire'. 8)

$370.00 worth of fuel later... we were off to view the United States Naval Academy from the waters of the Severn River...
No photos of that... but it was a good local tour... :)

Back to the dock by 1730, and then a trip downtown by car... and dinner on the water in Ego Alley at Pussers Landing. I'll let Dale tell the stories of the drama we saw inside Ego Alley while we were there... :D

Chesapeake Bay rendezvous weekend report part 2 coming up! :wink:
Kevin -

Thanks for making the arrangements for the raft-up. Things went very well. The photos are excellent. I hope the next one is as successful as this one.
I just positioned the boat and asked Dale to have a seat on the washboard... :D
Here is the other one...


Kind of like... Where is the world is Dale? :mrgreen:
Glad to have met Dale! What a great guy (just as everyone else I have met through this site).

Dale, we hope you come back soon! :!:
It was mine and my wife's sincere pleasure to join in the fun of the raft-up. It was great to see you again as well as to meet many new folks including Dale.
The picture taken from the kayak of the group of boats is very impressive. I hope you'll let me know when the next event is.


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