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Feb 24, 2006
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Skippack, PA
Hello to our fellowship of Parker owners. I presently own an entry level Parker, a 1997 18' center console. I have a T-top installed and run a 2 stroke Yamaha 115 off her transom. The boat is just one nifty fishing machine for much of my shallow water river fishing. I take it out on the big bay on select days chasing stripers. Right now I am out of Middle River on the western shore, but will be over on the eastern shore this year on the Choptank. I plan to move up to a 21 or 23' SE in a year or so. Love to be out on the water with grandson or wife. Looking forward to sharing experiences here.
Esteemed fellow parker owner,
I hear ya on the entry level stuff. I have a 21 and everyone else seems to have a 25. The parker 18 must be the biggest 18' boat in the world.
Welcome Montcopo!

My previous boat was a 17 Dusky Open Fisherman, but if the 18 Parker that was on my dealers showroom floor had not been sold, I might have been a Parker owner sooner. :)

Don't let Greybeard fool ya. He has a very nice manly-man Parker, and is a credit to the Parker brotherhood. :wink:
Now... if we could just teach him how to catch a fish... :D

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