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Feb 16, 2006
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Newbury, MA
For your general use ...

We're also looking into a stocking T-Shirt vendor so you can buy a CP shirt in ANY color and ANY size you want, without us stocking 50 bajillion shirts ...

And ... we're looking at CP decals (not sure of the final size) for your car or hopefully, towing vehicle! ;)


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    CP Decal URL 4x3.25.jpg
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    Logo Large.jpg
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Love the design of the window decal!
The surrounding border and URL make it very eye-catching.
Heck... I'd like that logo on my shirts! :D

Thanks for the artwork!
Megabyte":3pmutn1y said:
Thanks for the artwork!
Note to all ... thanks but ...

TomS gets all of the credit for the artwork! I'm just the idea and money man ... he's the real brains behind this endeavor ;) .
Guys, FYI..

I just cleaned up all the CP logos a bit, and uploaded new versions.. I re-did the way the graphics were drawn, which will allow me to resize them without getting jagged edges.

Sometimes when you re-size a picture, it doesn't look as good as the original. So, if you want a graphic for use on merchandise, burgees, decals, thongs or whatever, let me know and I'll get you what you need.

-- Tom
What's the status on the window decals? If noone else is doing it, I could get in touch with the sign shop that made up my Sou'wester decals and see what they can do. What size does everyone think would be ideal? 4"X4"? 5X5?
Neckbone":25t1cv1v said:
What's the status on the window decals?
We are investigating a stocking vendor (no, not someone who sells those kind of stockings :roll: ...) who will not only supply decals, but t-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs and almost any other item you could want a logo on.

But ...we're looking at samples of their items first, as we don't want to put the logo onto an item that isn't equal to the quality of a Parker boat. Meaning ... we don't want no crap ;) !

Thanks :D for your interest though! Believe me, we are on it ...
Sounds great. Two years ago, when I started my search, I didn't think I was going to find a Parker that I could pay cash for, so I was looking at older Mako's. I said as soon as I bought one, I was going to get all kinds of ClassicMako gear. Instead, I found my Parker. Now I get to buy all kinds of ClassicParker gear. Ain't the web grand??!!!
I've been off in LA and burried in work and away from the board. Looks like you guys have been busy while I was gone.

Great designs, and when can I start ordering T-shirts, burgies, and coffee mugs?
Porkchunker":ldcjs6rh said:
... when can I start ordering T-shirts, burgies, and coffee mugs?
... sorry, I've been tied up with business trips, research papers, and final exams ... haven't even had time to get to the boat to take the darn winter cover off :shock: !

Trips are all done, as are exams, so this and the boat are now #1 on the hit parade! I am considering using two vendors, both stocking dealers that you would buy Classic Parker items directly from.

#1 sells ANYTHING from mugs, to coasters, to t-shirts, to thongs ...yes, thongs, per request of CBigma (uhhhh, thanks for the visual ;) ]. Only drawback to vendor #1 is that the shirt logos are screen printed.

#2 will be a custom embroidered shirt supplier, but we may be limited in sizes and quantities per order.

Please stay tuned :) !
Just to give everyone a quick update.. I have set up a virtual internet 'store' that will sell Classic Parker logo gear - shirts, hats, canvas tote bags, mousepads, coffee mugs, sweatshirts, etc..

The good part of the store is that it creates these items as ordered, so that we don't have to wait until 25 people agree to buy the same shirt before we can meet minimum order requirements. This way people can order whatever they want, in whatever sizes/colors, whenever they want and it will ship out within a couple of days.

The store is all set up and ready to go. Dale and I both placed test orders to evaluate the quality of the gear. I have received a T-Shirt, Coffee Mug and decal. Overall I'm happy with the results, although the decal is a little flimsy and more suited for interior use.

Dale ordered a golf-shirt and some other stuff, and once he gets back from his trip and has a chance to check it out, we will decide whether the quality is suitable to open it up to the general CP community.

Note that this is just one option for gear, if anyone wants to go and have higher-quality polo shirts done up, burgees or whatever, we can still do whatever we want.

I figure we'll get this all sorted out in the next week or so, once Dale has returned to the good 'ole USA.

-- Tom


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I like em!
UhOh... I have a feeling that this is going to be very expensive for me. :shock:
ryanc2":24sya08t said:
Are there any CC images available?
Hi, yes we have them too ... but not on this PC. I'll upload them tomorrow :) .

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