cleaning leaf stains & Praker decks!

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Capt. John Deering

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Mar 27, 2006
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Cape Coral, Fl.
I like the boat, but the deck is a job to keep clean..some still show up wearing black soled combat boots....acetone and a brush works on them. mucho work.

Leaf stains are another issue, i thought i recalled from last year that MaryKate's ON & OFF worked the best, this time it would not even touch the stains, then i tried the Blue gel (FSR) and Acetone nothing works.

Straight bleech did the best job with some help from the green 3M pads under my size 10.

Anybody have a better technique?
Clorox gel from the local grocery store works better than anything.

No scrubbing, just spread around, lightly brush in and hose off.
I normally use Bar Keeper's Friend which gets rid of most stains. In the spring, when leaves have piled up on the bracket, I often use a mix of Softscrub with Clorox and add some straight Clorox on top.
Capt John... My 2520 spent two seasons docked on the seawall at WHYY.
The slip was a good one, but it was directly under some trees (that I never identified).

In the spring, the buds that fell on the boat turned PURPLE in the morning dew.

In the summer, PURPLE berries (and the resulting bird cr@p) greeted me almost every day.

In the fall... you guessed it. The leaves left a PURPLE stain when they fell on rain or dew wetted decks.

I tried everything under the sun to get her clean... and the best thing I found for leaf stains is plain old liquid bleach.

In that old slip, if I didn't scrub the Megabyte every two to three days, she was a mess... and for anyone who knows me, it isn't my style to leave her filthy.

I used a combination of Orpine boat soap, Zep Orange Citrus cleaner (found at Home Depot), and the cheapest liquid bleach I could find on sale.

Mix the three up in a 5 gallon bucket... scrub her down... let the soap sit on her for 5 to 10 minutes, and rinse lightly.
For any stains that did not come out initially, I keep some straight bleach in a spray bottle and would shoot the stain on the wet deck and leave it. The next time you visit the boat, that stain would be gone.

I have a new slip these days that is away from the trees, but when the decks get dirty, I use the same mix with a stiff bristle brush to get her clean again. :wink:
Your gonna think I am crazy but an arm and hammer magic eraser with a little water will take it out completly no problem. You may need a few to do all the spots but it will work easly. I used it on leaves, dried blood oil etc. always good to keep a few on the boat.