Cockpit Seating and Storage for a 2520 MVSC

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Feb 18, 2006
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Danversport, MA
This was a 2005 project, but didn't get fully documented until this Spring.

I have a 2000 25MVSC with a transom-mount 225. We needed more storage and seating in the cockpit. We usually have at least four,
sometimes six passengers and the standard Mega-Igloo Cooler or Icey-Tek cooler-seat just isn't big enough to hold our gear.

The solution was a DockBox. We purchased a standard Fiberglass box from Dock Boxes Unlimited. There are many manufacturers out there and
a wide range of quality. We did a lot of research and settled on Dock Boxes Unlimited as the best quality/price point.

Our model (the 518) was just big enough to fit between the two battery-boxes and would hold all of our gear. The key was to find a way to keep
it from moving around the deck. Our 2520 MVSC Parker came OEM with a splash board that uses the separating hinge - pintle-and-gudgeon hardware.

I attached the gudgeon (female) sides of the separating hinges to aluminum straps fastened to the bottom of the dockbox.
Two runners made from Starboard keeps the dockbox up off the aft bilge hatch.

The box slides into place to match the hinges together.



A clip made from starboard is used to keep the hinges from sliding open. One person can easily slide the box out of the hinge and
move it forward to access the bilge hatch. The starboard runners make it easy to slide once off the hinges.


Here is the box in birds-eye view.


Centered nicely, seating for four adults


It will hold 4 weight belts, 4 wetsuits, 4 bouyancy compensators, four sets of fins, and other assorted gear.


Makes an excellent wet seat. Rugged and Zero Maintenance.

Hey ... you said it seats 4 ... are you counting rock lobster in the 4 ... :?: ? Slick idea with at "U"-clip to hold in place too. ParkerSal and I have seating for 3 or 4 too, but we'll have to wait for pictures.
DaleH":243y0nc2 said:
Hey ... you said it seats 4 ... are you counting rock lobster in the 4 ... :?: ? Slick idea with at "U"-clip to hold in place too. ParkerSal and I have seating for 3 or 4 too, but we'll have to wait for pictures.

Oops! Well...maybe -three- adults and dinner. 8) 8)
Dale showed me how to make it. It is stained, but I am wondering if it will hold up without varnish or something. I do think it will look nice weathered too.... I should have a picture on board the boat by the weekend.


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It's a Park Bench seat! Err.. Parker Bench seat. :lol:
Is that redwood?
I wouldn't put a hard varnish on it..You'll only be re-doing it every other year after that.
She should weather-up nicely...
The planks are cedar.... expensive! I toyed with treated lumber but didnt want to be yanking splinters with tweasers from my kids arses....
danielb":34d7bzyu said:
The bench slats can be made from palstic decking material, I have use it to make new bases for the back to back seats. Pretty strong and durable on the boat. I used gray color at the base and it is holding up well. No fade nor cracking.

Yeah, I was thinking about that stuff too.. I have seen it in Grey and Brown. It's almost as expensive as Cedar, but zero maintenance forever...
Probably save money in the long run and no splinters. Since its usually used as a decking material I gotta believe its pretty durable.

Isn't it recycled plastic? Does it work like wood? Might be some other use for it on boat projects, in place of starboard.