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Feb 17, 2006
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Newburyport, MA
Introducing the ClassicParker User Map for GoogleEarth

Ever wonder if there are any Classic Parker users living nearby?

Got GoogleEarth?

Click on this link, and select "OPEN", or "SAVE" the file to disk then open in GoogleEarth:

ClassicParker User Map

What is it?

Very simply, GoogleEarth is a PC application that lets you view satellite imagery of the entire globe. You can zoom from a view that shows the entire earth to a close-up shot of your house, and everything in-between. People use GoogleEarth to view the world, get driving directions, explore new areas and take virtual tours of famous places like Niagra Falls, the Grand Canyon and Mount St. Helens. Since most of the world is covered, you can see just about anything, in varying levels of detail based on available satellite imagery.

GoogleEarth also lets users display their own data as an overlay on top of the virtual globe. There are all sorts of overlay maps available, showing everything from available real-estate properties, the nearest pubs, live weather radar, topo-maps, etc.

The ClassicParker User Map shows the location of all CP users who have provided valid locations in their user profile. Clicking on a user will show their avatar image and a link to their website from their profile.

The file above is a GoogleEarth network link. This means that it will always point to the latest version of the CP Users Map, so you should only have to load it once. Every so often I will update the map to include new users that have joined since the last map creation.

Ok, how do I get GoogleEarth?

GoogleEarth is a free download for PC users, it can be found here:


It is not recommended if you only have a dial-up connection to the Internet.

How do I get added to the map?

If you are already a CP user, you should be included. If you haven't provided a valid location in your user profile, you won't be shown in the correct location.

If you have joined CP since the map was created, you will be automatically included the next time I update the map. This is NOT an automated process, so it may take a couple of weeks before I update the map again.

How do I change/edit my location?

Easy. Click on the "Profile" link above, and scroll down to the "Location" field. Enter your location as a "City, State" to ensure that you are displayed in the right spot.

How does all this work?

When I want to update the map, I run a program that dumps each username, location, Avatar URL and homepage URL into a file, which I then open in an Excel Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet then pulls out the different fields and populates a table with all the data.

This information gets copied into a web application which converts the Location into a Lat/Lon, and writes out a GoogleEarth file which contains all the relevant info. Once it is completed, I upload it to the CP server.

This is NOT an automated process, so the CP User Map will get updated on a pretty random basis if there is enough interest.

The screenshot below shows one example using our most prolific Parker poster's location. Its a shame he uses a Mac :roll:


-- Tom


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Very Nice......

I see I didn't include my location and the Eastern Shore of Virginia is void of members.....

I've updated my profile.

Thanks for the cool feature!


I checked and they must have just released a Mac version of GoogleEarth fairly recently. I haven't used it, but it requires Mac OS X (10.3.9 +).

Its at the same link above.

-- Tom
rangerdog":hrlalv14 said:
It shows Megabyte on there. He is a Mac user.

All users will show up on the ClassicParker user map, however only users who can run GoogleEarth will ever see the ClassicParker user map :)

Here are a couple more screenshots, showing West vs. East coasts :)

Each of those little circles is the home town of a CP User. Click on the circle, and you can see their avatar and a link to their homepage.

-- Tom


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My poor antique G3/400 iMac is running the latest version of OS X (10.4.9), but alas... Google Earth is a bit too much for my ancient hardware. :cry:

Maybe after my money tree blooms and I can upgrade to newer hardware. :)
This is a great idea - especially for those of us in sparsely Parker populated states. Maybe I can nudge you to run an upate? Thanks

Ok, due to the overwhelming response (2 or 3 users in just under a year) I decided to update the CP GoogleEarth user map.

The first time around we didn't have too many users, so I could do some massaging of the location info that people entered to make it easier to code into a lat/lon and get plotted onto GoogleEarth. This time around roughly 50% of our current users have anything entered in the location field, and some percentage of them may be unusable. For example, if you just have a city and no state, the Geocoder will just use the first city/state match it finds.

I noticed there were quite a few people who listed multiple locations, like "Boston and Cape Cod", and I'm sure the Geocoder didn't know what to do with that either.

Also, since there may be many people from the same city, and therefore sharing the same 'dot' on the map, clicking on the dot will show all the different members at that location.

Anyhow, the link in the first post should load the updated data into GoogleEarth for you.

One thing I noticed this time around is the number of West Coast guys.. good to see!

-- Tom


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Tom - Thanks for the update. Feels real good to be listed and to see the diversity of locations. May be enough of we inlanders to have an inland rendezvous one day.

Just another bump for this feature..

Google MAPs just added support for KML files which allows anyone with a web-browser to view the ClassicParker user map now, just by clicking the link below:

Classic Parker User Map

-- Tom
Errors ...

* I don't show up :(

* CBIGMA for Danvers, MA shows somewhere south of Boston

* Chop-Chop for Gloucester shows NE of Wrentham, MA, which is uhhhhhhh ... landlocked ... ??

Not errors, just GIGO.

You three all list a river as your location. The GeoCoder only works with City, State, as described above.

-- Tom
GIGO... :D

Thus the importance of CP members to put a "location" in their profile. :)
It also helps in getting assistance from other members in your geographic region. :wink:
Note, I just ran another update to add all users with valid locations to the map.

Just re-click the links above, both the GoogleEarth and GoogleMap links have been updated.

-- Tom
ScoopsAhoy":1pcz4gu7 said:
My location is on my profile, but I'm "dotless"

Just did another update, the last run got cut off after a couple hundred users for some reason. Unfortunately though, Dale updated his address and is no longer listed in Australia.. ChopChop is another story :)

-- Tom
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