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Feb 20, 2006
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Philadelphia, PA
As Dale knows, a new vessel was added to the fleet. Not another Parker by a 19 Carolina Skiff with a 70 hp Suzuki four stroke. The skiff is a joint venture with my father, my best friend and his father. Anyway the little boat was purchased for crabbing and playin around. Today we made the 2 hour trek to Wye Mills, Md to break in the new to us skiff. We did not set the world on fire but did manage a bussel and 1/4 of Maryland's finest. We did not find the crabs in our usual spots but had to head out into the Chesy Bay. We ran two trot lines and 30 traps out by the light house. It was a great day until the wind came on strong and we took a but whooping! Anyway, you Maryland guys have a beautiful area and I always look forward to visiting.


PS here is a picture of the skiff....still a little on the rough side, but not for long


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Have noticed that during Oct and Nov, the locals move the crab pots out into deeper water. In the warmer season they are in 5'-15', while in Oct/Nov, they seem to be in 25'-35'. You normal haunts may have been too shallow for this time of year.

The semi-V Carolina Skiff is a great utility/workboat. You'll have tons of fun with her. We ran one for two years before we moved to our Parker. :D

She was a rugged, stable diving platform for us. Huge capacity for her size, and built like a tank.
She had a 115 Rude, and would fly. :shock:
For what we used her for, she was ideal. 8)

Good Luck with her, I know you've made a great choice.


Jim - you promised you would not tell!

John - the skiff is a 4 way split with my best friend and our fathers. We are having fun with it just rigging it the way we want. Yesterday was spent rewiring. Almost all the cosmetic work is done, just needs a compound and wax. Plan on using the skiff for playing around, crabbing on the wye and backbay fishing . Boat has been named "Knot Mine" as nobody is claiming ownership when the wives are around.