Dangerous Parker Deck!!!!

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Feb 24, 2006
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Solomons Island, MD
Parker makes one great fishing machine, and the non-skid is great...that is until the dufus owner drops a spray bottle full of WD-40 onto the deck between the pedestal seats and it runs back and spreads out.

Sandeel and I ice skated our way through the feeshng trip out of Solomons today because of my accident. The key stuck in the lock on the cabin, so I disconnected it from the chain, left it there and we went fishing. About mid day, I turned my attention to getting the key out of the lock. Went for my handy-dandy spray bottle of WD-40 (I buy in 1 gal cans), and as I was spraying the keyway, the bottom of the bottle fell off the spraying section, hit the deck (upside down of course), and dumped a good pint of it on the deck. The wind was whipping up good 3' chop today, and the two of us danced around that deck for the better part of 3 hours. Lucky one of us didn't go down and break something.

Can't blame Parker...their non-skid is great. But I don't think it was made to cover with WD-40. :D :D :D

Don't feel bad :wink: . Crash and burn ...HELL NO :x If you're like me, our keen sense of humor has to fly around for a spell before it picks up passengers :lol: