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Feb 23, 2006
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Debary, FL
Has Parker removed the link for its dealers? I wanted to find the closest dealer's phone number, and I couldn't find the link on the web site.

Is Newburyport the closest to Portland, Maine?
It is one of my grips also.

Told Robert at Tri-State in Deale, MD they need to convince Parker to set up the Parker website so you can type in a zip code and get the dealer closest to you.

Also told him that in liew-of-that, Tri-State needs to get a professional webdesigner to implement their site and embed lots of tags in it that cause it to register higher in Google. If I type "Parker boats" Tri-State should pop up. If I type "Parker Dealers" or "Parker Sales" or "Parker boats in VA" or "Parker boats in MD" get my drift. Embed every possible search phrase people might type into Google into the webpage. They don't have to be visible, but just there for the web crawlers to find.

Parker Marine, and its dealers are NOT leveraging the web to their advantage.
Porkchunker":3hz3molf said:
It is one of my grips also......

Parker Marine, and its dealers are NOT leveraging the web to their advantage.

I would assume it is because they don't have to!

Tell me if I'm wrong.

They sell every boat they make.
I did contact the factory, and they did point me to the dealer for Maine, who is about equidistant from the dealer for Massachusetts.
Riverfront Marine has quite a few models on display. They are a family operation and they are focused on customer service. I purchased my 2520SL from them and found it to be a pleasant experience. However I do not use thier service center for they are about 2hrs plus away by boat for me. I'm moored in a full service marina's mooring field, and use thier center. FYI the New England boat show is in Febuary.

Intersection of Routes 95 & 110
33 Old Elm Street
Salisbury, MA 01952
TEL 978-462-7755 • FAX 978-465-4177
danielb":tysf8d27 said:
All you have to do is request a brochure (as I did two days ago) and low and behold the my local Parker Dealer (White Water Marine-over 60 miles away) called to market me. They were very warm and when they found out that I own a Parker the sales pitch changed to maybe we can service the boat etc. So Parker is building a data base and feeding leads to their dealers I guess.
Not a bad way to conduct business. this Internet age, they need to get a little more sophisticated. It doesn't take much to add features to a web site that displays the closest dealer when you enter a zipcode. Even a simple flat file that lists the dealers by State would be nice.
Could the missing dealer list be due to not wanting a prospective buyer to price shop multiple dealers? I think you are almost obligated to purchase your new Parker from the closest source.
Ron, Jeff's Marine is up in Thomaston. They have a few boats a display in Freeport as well. Contact Dennis, he was great when I bought my 21se. I sold that last year, and will be getting a 2120 or 2123 within a year or so.