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Aug 31, 2006
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Excluding the Cabin, does the 2320 have that much more useable Deck area when compared to the 2120? I have read varied opinions that say the 2320 does not warrant the additional cost for the small amount of area gained. I would appreciate to hear opinions and facts from 2120 and 2320 owners.
Yes, there is more room on the 2320. Yes, it does "feel" bigger, particularly if you are on a full transom with bracket. For some reason the 2320 gives the impression of more additional space than is really there. If you are debating between these two boats, your decision to get a 2120 should be based on another reason, i.e. fuel economy, ease of trailering, launch and retrieval, cost, etc. If these factors are not an issue get the 2320. Even though the cabin layout is virtually identical, the ride is superior and the deck is more spacious. And get the full transom with bracket. The storage boxes and fish box in the transom make a huge difference. I wish my 2120 had a fish box in the floor.

BTW, I would not trade my 2120 for another boat, unless it is a 40+ foot Nordhavn. :wink:
I sell them, JC and Tim hit it on the head that is exactly what I tell people when they aren't sure. That being said no one I nave ever sold a 2120 to says anything other than they love it. But having the fishbox and full transome is nice. Tough choice, Good Luck. Capt Brad
I am making attempts to quench my curiosity if in fact I should move up to a larger Parker. My 2120 is extremely easy to trailer and the “over the road” fuel savings on the tow vehicle is substantial. The fuel consumption is in comparison to my previously owned boat and trailer with a GTW of 7500lbs. Launching and retrieving my 2120 can be accomplished by one person. I have read comments that the 2320 is a bit of a chore while launching and at least two persons are needed.
When purchasing the 2120 I struggled with the issue of safety and if the Notched Transom would play into the equation. My findings were completely contrary to my concerns. When taking waves over the Transom, and at times the Gunwales, I have found that the Notch allows the Deck Area to drain the wash relatively fast. This is not to imply that the 2120 is more capable in unsafe conditions. After all, who enjoys fishing in rough seas when all of your time is spent “hanging on” as not to fall overboard. I am extremely particular to choose my fishing days and only after analyzing a full 48-hour weather picture. However, we all know that the NWS synopsis is not always as accurate as we would like it to be. Within the correct environment, and unannounced, Thunder Heads along with rough seas can develop in a matter of minutes.

At low tides being able to sneak around in the Bay’s most productive fishing areas, where larger boats dare to go, is a big plus for the 2120. Also, the F150 is extremely economical and allows for a quiet troll when in the Bay.

A friend has one opinion for my query that he regularly blesses me with…… “That 2120 is the perfect size, best all around fishing boat that you can buy. What’s the madder witt you! If I owned it I would live off shore”. I must mention that this Salty takes his 18 foot Catamaran 20 miles off shore on a regular basis and in all weather. :shock: I guess a well seasoned Captain with plenty of experience can pilot a tin can if necessary.

Given its versatility to go any where, and with very few restrictions, staying with the 2120 appears to be the best choice. It is the perfect boat!