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Feb 24, 2006
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Sol Cal
Hi all, anybody have any feed back on recessed docking lights into the hull of my 2520 parker, I think they would be very helpfull at night doing certain things, they would be recessed into the hull at the bow , like the ones on the sherrif boats, they are 100% water proff, good idea, bad idea, will find a picture and add soon !


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I installed the docking lights you are looking at and had some problems with them initially but I think I have the problems resolved now.

The first problem I had was during a trip out in some rough water I was running faster than I should have been in a following sea and I stuffed the bow hard enough to punch one of the lights into the anchor rode locker :oops: . The company replaced the lights because it turned out that the housing was not glued together completely. The dome on the back of the housing is glued onto the frame part of the housing. When I installed the new housing I made a harness out of 5/16 stainless chain that attaches to three of the bolts that mount the light housing to the hull. I have not stuffed the bow like that since then but if I ever do I don't think the light will wind up in the anchor locker again.

The second problem I had was the gasket that seals the sealed beam bulb into the plastic eyeball. Both gaskets became loose over time and allowed salt water to reach the backside of the bulb and ruin it. You have to buy a new eyeball when the bulb goes and they are around $80 each :shock: . My new eyeballs each got a bead of 5200 over the gasket and I have had no more problems.

The lights are very useful and I am glad to have them. If you install them just use the preventive measures I found and you will be happy with them.


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I also notice you have the easy anchor puller, I installed that on my old boat and loved it, I will use your tips when we install !
Lights were installed today, they look great , will post a few pics later !