Dorado in San Diego

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Mar 2, 2006
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Jamul CA
Fished with my son 7/20. We fished 35mi offshore near a high spot called the 302.

Caught some yellows and our first dorado. Man do those things pull hard.

I think my 2120 has to be the most perfect boat for what we use it for here in San Diego. With the s1000 auto piolit long boat rides and trolling are a pleasure.

Here are some pics of our day.


  • jul 06 Dodo.JPG
    jul 06 Dodo.JPG
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  • Jul 06 Mola.JPG
    Jul 06 Mola.JPG
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  • Jul 06 YT.JPG
    Jul 06 YT.JPG
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  • pat Jl 06 Dodo.JPG
    pat Jl 06 Dodo.JPG
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Awesome photos! We get molas around here but it's great seeing pictures of other gamefish that I can't get :( . I love that 2120 hull too :) !
Nice work!

Weekend after next we will be running for big Bluefin Tuna on our 2120.

Thanks for the info on the permatrim! They got back with me and we are going to get a unit.

Capt. Yakes