Draining Racor filter bowl

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Feb 23, 2006
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South Orange County, CA
Well, I am embarrassed to admit that I don't know the proper way to drain out the contaminants at the bottom of my Racor filter bowl. I've never had to do it until now.

When opening the little petcock at the bottom, nothing comes out and I assume I have to open a vent somewhere or take the cap off to accomplish this. Couldn't find anything on their website.
Can anyone help me out?
Nothing came out? Not even a dribble of fuel? There is no vent anywhere that needs to be opened.

Are you 'sure' you opened up the petcock enough? Even if needed, open as to remove. My best guess is that whatever contaminants you have in there may have settled and clogged the petcock outlet. Maybe you need to snake a wire in there ... ??

Oh yeah, put a bucket or such under this area before you try this ...
Just did mine last weekend. I had to unscrew the drain plug all the way.
P.S I have not seen you since the kayak race from Catalina. How is everything going?

Paker 06 2120 DVSC
Hi Erol,

I've been out on a fairly regular basis. Not quite as much as you based on the number of posts I've read of yours over at Allcoast. Got in several good days back when the water was warm and the DoDos were biting. I almost always fish weekdays and am always on the lookout for you since you seem to attract a lot of fish.

See ya out there!


i have an i/o, so i have one racor with metal bowl on the block....
my fuel line from the tank, however, runs around to the starboard
cockpit, under the washboard, where i have a primary gas filter
of the clear/blue plastic kind.....this way, i can SEE the water level
at all times and drain once it approaches the top....

the petcock for draining has two "funny" aspects.,. first, it screws
UP TO DRAIN........it screws down to close....this is a bit counter intuitive
i submit......second, it needs to be "screwed up" A LOT before any drain
action ensues......be sure to have a proper receptacle underneath the
petcock THE WHOLE TIME, as the actual flow is unpredictable and the
closure point is not the same as the drain point when closing the petcock
........it really works well, but has some quirks to be sure......

oh, and i have FILLED the plastic bowl (the meniscus disappears upward) in under half an hour: the tank was low (so the well-known
"free surface effect" was in full force) on gas, it was extremely rough,
so that microdroplets of water were being created in the tank for trans
port through the fuel line in large numbers........

a racor (i love having two) is an essential piece of SAFETY gear.....the
water or other gunk will stop your engine when it gets very low or very
rough!......this is BAD!....so install, drain, and otherwise coddle that racor
as precious....and FILL UP EACH TRIP......full tanks dont have these prob