E10 fuel ... picture of what you're UP against ...

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Feb 16, 2006
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Newbury, MA
Made my 4th tow in 3 weeks ... (most are members of my boat club) and pulled this from ~3 gallons of MTBE fuel combined with same of E10 fuel. Older boat, '87 vintage. It bogs the f/w separator, as there is a fine silica/sand-like sedimant in there. This stuff smells like heck (like strong E10 fuel, but WICKED pungent) and still doesn't burn! I poured some on grass and there was a little flicker, like a lighter starting, but that's it :shock: ... !

I took this and added some old MTBE fuel and then some E10 fuel, shook the #$%& out of it and came back an hour later. There were sorta 3 levels in the jug, the first 2 E10 or MTBE, not sure which was which, with this non-burnable crap on the bottom. But my camera was out on my boat and I had a willing participant who was going to dispose of it properly. Actually, it was the guy who filled up, he wanted to show his friends and gas station manager where he filled up.

See photo ...


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Time to paint that boat red or yellow and go into the tow business. :)