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Apr 3, 2006
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San Diego
Was fishing out of Ensenada Mex. last weekend, and my port F150 Yamaha starts acting lke a dead battery. click, click, but no start. then she won't even click. change out varoious batteries on thre boat, and still no joy. limp back to San Diego on 1 motor, nice 8 hour ride home. Go down to the boat on Sunday with a voltage meter, and all 3 batteries are boosting 12.6 volts, motor still won't start. waiting to get in the shop, go down to check out the boat again about 4 or 5 days later, and she starts and motor trim is working flawlessly, which is wasn't working at all.
It is going into th shop this week, my mechanic said he has heard of some isolated simaler cases, but really can't put a finger on it, at first he thought loose ground somewhere, but after me checking, we can rule that out.
Has anyone experienced this or heard of what it might be?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
thank you.
I have been doing some reseach, and I guess there was "hotstart" retrofit that they have done on the 04 and 05 motors, the syntoms sound the same for me except that my motor had problems cold as weel as hot?
Again, any help would greatly be appreciated, sometimes electrical glitches like this can be a witch hunt.
Since your batteries tested OK, it sounds as if you have a gremlin in the motors electrics that the mechanic needs to chase down.

I've been lucky with my Yamaha (and Optima batteries), but just-in-case... I carry a power-pak in case I need an emergency boost.


If it prevents an 8 hour ride home, it's money well spent.

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