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Feb 16, 2006
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Lewes, DE
Today was the End of Summer Challange between the Severn River Rod and Keg Club (SRRKC), the Upper Bay Bad Boyz (UBBB), and the Marguritaville Squad... here in the Chesapeake Bay! (the Marg Squad are the guys in the girly tropical shirts). :D

Here is my report!


I hope that I get all of this right... but here it is.

Rockfish, SRRKC
Bill, 28 1/4"
Fisham, 26 1/2"
Century 2000, 23 1/2"
Timmeee, 22"

Marg Squad
Skip, 28 1/4"
Dale, 26 1/4"
Tyler, 24 1/2"

Lily, 39 1/4"
Bob H, 31 1/8"
Mike, 31"
Capt Attitude, 28"
Charlie, 27 3/4"

Largest Bluefish - Bottom Knocker - 17 3/8"

Largest Perch - Mike (with Fishem), 11" beat my fish by 1/2" dammit!

Here are some photos of the day...




The prize!





Show us your T.I.T.S.!!!
(Tilghman Island Tennis Shoes)


The SRRKC faithful!




Nice blue!!


The winning UBBB team!
Is that a motley crew, or what?


Fashion foul!! Tag still attached to the Marg Squad shirt!




The SRRKC vice-pres 'money man'.




Can you belive it? 1/2" too small!


Time to boogy home!



A GREAT time was had by all!
good thing you arent seeing the fuel burn in the last picture when I juiced it down your creek :wink:

It was a good time Kevin. Thanks for your company... :)
I should have mentioned that I spent the day fishing on Gregs most excellent Maycraft 2550 with he, and his little fishing buddy B.. of the B-Faithful boat name. :D

It was a most excellent day! :wink:
Megabyte":34e5b4o4 said:

It's funny, what differences there are in the regions we at ClassicParker all boat in. When I saw this photo in Kevin's post, the hair on the back of my neck immediately stood up! Kevin! You are flying along at 41 mph in only 13 feet of water! Yikes!.... :shock:

Up here in New England, along the rocky Northshore of Boston, where the retreating glaciers left us granite boulders the size of houses strewn along the shoreline, if you are in less than 15 feet of water, the bottom can change faster than you can say OH S#@#!

On the other hand, Kevin was perfectly content to motor along at 41 mph in only 13 feet of water, in a sandy estuarine setting where he was more than confident that there was nothing around for miles that could whack his skeg! 8)

I'd be a nervous wreck! Like trying to learn how to drive on the left side of the road! :roll:
It was actually my boat running 41 in the creek. It was just a short burst as I cruised back from the weigh in station at around 26-27mph at 3800-3900. I know the creek very well as I used to keep my boat on it. It is fairly wide and almost always glassy.

So you may see where I opened it up for a short burst, Here is a photo of us running out the creek in the morning at around 30mph:

Oh, there was never a doubt about running safe for the area you (or Kevin) were comfortable in......I was just pointing out what a difference the coastal region can make....rocky vs. sandy....etc.

North and South of me I could find long shallow sandy stretches to run in without fear, but I choose to hang out along a craggy, rocky shoreline.
Here is my boat last weekend in that same area.


Not as fast as Gregs... :D

True about the differences in regions though. The Chesapeake is big, but it is relatively shallow with a soft bottom. We have our rocky areas, and give them a respectably wide berth, but nothing like you guys have.

This time of year we're fishing topwater baits in the river and creek shallows for rockfish. Many times I'll be in 3' of water (sometimes less :shock: ). Our bigger hazard (than rocks) is whacking a tree fall or an old stump. :(

I think I'd be nervous in your area too. :)