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Feb 20, 2006
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Philadelphia, PA
Last summer the cabin liner in my pilothouse began to fall. I attempted to reattach the carpet to the Pilothouse roof with contact cement. Unfortunately it did not hold. I then fabricated teak trim and screwed it to the top of the ceiling to hold up the carpet. It worked nicely, and looks great to boot. Now I am noticing that the carpet is starting to buckle in front of the Vee Berth area. I am not sure how to fix it. Can anybody help?

I have the same brown stains in my cabin. Does anyone have a clue if they can be cleaned. I'm assuming it is glue coming through, but thats is only my guess.
I have those stains too.
You can see them following the ridge up near the windshield.


I was going to try a carpet cleaner on it this spring.
If someone else has successfully dealt with this, I'd like to know how.
Parker, I had a problem with the headliner/carpet in my vee berth coming unglued also. It was coming down in several areas around the edges that surround the berth. I used GOOP I picked up at the hardware store which I used liberally and clamped it where possible to dry. It has held up very well and have had no more issues. Not sure where yours is coming down, if you could post a picture of the problem area it might help us give you ideas. Good luck
Thanks for the replies. The area where the carpet is buckling in toward the center of the bulkheads. If it was becoming unglued at the edges that would not be a problem. The issue I have is that I don't have access to the areas to apply new glue.
John, Kevin,

I rid myself of those nasty brown stains with resolve carpet cleaner,,,just like they recommend on the Parker Website. I bought the pump-spray bottle, soaked the stained area, and scrubbed it with a stiff-bristle brush.

When it dried, the stains were gone! It's nice when something works as advertised! :mrgreen:

(I had quite a few of them too..) :roll:
I have found that everywhere I used a lighter to heat the shrink tubing, I have one of those brown stains. That seems to be the only common thing that I have found.

Anyone else?
This is precisely the reason why I didn't order no steenkin headliner!!!! The Admiral wanted it, but I told her she was responsible for cleaning the mildew out of it. So...I have a boat without no moldy steenkin headliner, and at the end of the season, I remove all the cushions and take a garden hose to the boat, inside and out, stem to stern.

Couldn't do that with a cheese eating, wine drinking Grady. :D :D :D
3M Super Adhesive did the trick. (make sure if you ever use it to make sure are is well ventilated) Carpet is back up and looks great. Here is trim that we installed on the roof of the pilothouse to keep the carpet from coming down again.


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Old forum on the original Parker site mentioned Bissell carpet cleaner or Oxi-Clean.

Here's what we did about the falling carpet. Looks kind of "industrial," but it solved the problem.


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