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Fat Daddy

Mar 8, 2006
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Corona, CA
Just wanted to introduce myself to the new site. I have a 2000 DVSC with a Merc Diesel and Bravo IIIx outdrive. I bought the boat used a couple of years ago and had it shipped to So Cal from SC. Parkers are great boats and I am looking forward to the new site and talking with other Parker owners.
Welcome to ClassicParker Andy!
We'd love to see some photos of that diesel powered Parker. :D

Ok... I'd like to see some photos of that diesel powered Parker. :D
Can you tell us any more about her?
There has been a lot of interest in diesel Parkers here lately. :)
The diesels are sweet. Parker made a few with the Merc's but not many. The block itself is Italian- VM Motori, which is now part of Detroit, but Cummins now handles all parts for merc diesels which is no big deal from me because I used a good factory trained wrench for it. The only problems I had were a spun crank gear in the middle of the tuna season for us. The boat does 2.5-3 NMG and cruises well at 22 knots. It tops out at 32-34 depending on load. My range is about 550 NM. The biggest problem I have is the lack of a fish hold. Some guys with the I/O's chipped out foam in front of the engine hatch and installed one but I use a kill bag that keeps the fish better than a hold. The main advantages I see are the range, durability, safety and torque with the diesels. Some folks don't like the engine box but it makes a great seat and I get around it fine. Boat came fully rigged except for rocket launchers, bait tank, and windless. It is hard to find a diesel Parker period and almost impossible in So Cal. I got lucky finding one and getting it for the price I paid. The engine was not even broken in (138 hours) when I took delivery.


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Sorry it took so long guys. Don't even ask why. The good news is they just caught the first Albies of the season oout of San Diego.


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