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Feb 16, 2006
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Newbury, MA
... here - - just typing in the name or zipcode of your nearest marina. Zoom and other views too, plus you can buy a photo if you like it. Pretty cool!

The sample below appears to be 3-years old, taken of the river I'm on, as it shows my boat before the wood pulpit was added.


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Cool. While I dont know how to post the picture here from the site it has me at the marina that I am new to this year.
I found mine, but the photo could be as much as 2 years old as it's in my old slip, not the one Im in now.
Oh... and a damm blowboat is blocking the 'view'. :(

The cool thing is that my Jeep is parked near it so I had to be aboard working on a 'project' when the photo was taken! :D
i just remembered that the waterman who owns my marina has the same boat as me and used to keep it in my current slip... the boat could be his and not mine.
Megabyte":p2e8tkhg said:
I found mine, but the photo could be as much as 2 years old as it's in my old slip ...
That must mean it's under a tree :shock: !

Inside Joke: That tree dropped some sap and leaves on the "Megabyte" and it didn't look soooooooooo clean anymore ;)
Sap in the spring, buds in the early summer that turned purple on contact with the morning dew, purple berries and purple bird crap in the later summer, and leaves in the fall that stained... you guessed it. PURPLE!

How do you think I learned about all the cleaning products that would make a boat white again?
Trial and error... every-other day... all season long! :D
I found my slip,,, shot was taken last year,,, on a clear bright summer day. Best part of the photo was that -My Slip Was Empty!- :shock:
Which meant we were out enjoying the day! 8)

Reminds me of the "satellite" setting of which I use to "cruise the coastline" and spot new possible dive sites.
That is one of the coolst things I've ever seen. My photos were clearly taken last year as I can see the new construction which took place about a year ago and my neighbor in the slip next door has a new motor which he bought last year. The zoom feature is AMAZING !