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Feb 16, 2006
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Newbury, MA
This is the Riverfront Marine marina up river from my boatyard. Note that half of the boats already in are Parker. This is where Chop Chop keeps his boat. We'll have to recruit the others for CP ;) !


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What do you call a group of Parkers in the same Marina? A Pod of Parkers? A Parker Pack? A Peck of Parkers? :roll:

These guys could have a CP Rendevous without ever leaving the slip! :)

I guess this sort of thing is more common down in the Parker heartland of the Chesapeake area...but I have to go two towns over to see another Parker.

There must be a dealer close by to generate so many Parkers in one Marina.

Oh, wait a minute......Your Port O' Call is the "Parker River" right?

So -that- explains it.....This marina is on the Parker River! No wonder there are so many of them there.....Sheesh...... :oops:
It's no coincidence, the dealer up here owns the marina...Considering the shortage of dockage it wasn't too hard to decide to get 2510; top notch boat with a slip was a no brainer.

When I bought my first Parker 2000 (25MVSC) there wasn't another one in my home port of Bridgeport. There now is another 25DVSC in my club and two others in our sister clubs in Bpt. And they're all in the water already. Seems the more the Northeast folks see them, the more they appreciate them. People tell me I saw you out fishing a particular spot today and I have to tell them "No ya didn't." Before if it was a Parker PH out there it was me, now it's not quite so obvious where I'm fishing.
Stonebuster... I fished a tourney on Sat and probably got a dozen VHF calls asking me if I was fishing off of <fill in the location here>?

In every case, it was mistaken identity. :)
Guess I need to go ahead and put the name on her.
We have a lot of SC Parkers in these parts. :D

Dale... Maybe you should make up some ClassicParker fliers and put em on those other boats. :wink:
Megabyte":55j9vmlf said:
Dale... Maybe you should make up some ClassicParker fliers and put em on those other boats. :wink:

Maybe we should make up a "Parker Boat Owner's Manual"

subtitled "Everything you need to know about the care and feeding of your new Parker" .

When you open it up it has one page with WWW.CLASSICPARKER.COM on it.

We'll put them on the Dash of every new Parker as it rolls off the line.

What do you think of a one page flier advertising the ClassicParker site, with the web address and a few photos of members boats, saved as a pdf file, and posted here for any of us to use :?:

Give some to the local dealer, some to the local tackle shops, and hand em out to owners that you encounter (like that marina) who might not know the site exists. :)
I like the idea. And maybe one version "business-card" sized so we can keep a few handy to pass out at the gas dock or wherever we meet a Parker owner...

Good idea Kevin! :D

You ever consider a job in Marketing? 8)

Seems like everytime I go on the water now I see more Parkers. Yesterday, I was out in dense fog and 2-4ft. chop, fluke fishing and at one point, out of six or seven boats, four of them were 25ft. single engine Parker pilothouses. Two of them were from Whitewater marine on Long Island and two sold in Niantic, Ct. It was a fishing day made for a pilothouse boat. Rain, fog, rough seas, and I was dry and comfortable. The east wind was blowing so hard, I was drifting 1kt. westerly against the outgoing tide.