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Apr 17, 2006
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Waretown, NJ
Went sharkin' on Saturday off of AC. Some spotty bluefish and one blue shark. Thought I'd post some pics.


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That's a good way to get the knickname "Stumpy"! :shock:
Nice fish(es), but I've got to know... How did you get away with that?
:shock: Sticking your thumb in that Bluefishes mouth. One that big will put a hurting on you!! In 1978 I had an 11 pounder bite my calf and took stitches to close it up.

Oh. Welcome on board! :lol:

Sharks are cool.

bdgrbu":1xbk1g98 said:
How did I get away with what?

What John said...
We call bluefish "Chesapeake pirahana".
One that size can remove a finger in the blink of an eye.
oh. Now I know what you mean.

Well, first, that isnt me in the pic. (I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid. My friend on the other hand is both) Second, he wasn't 'lively' at that time. He was on his way to becoming shark bait.
Megabyte":3qaon3ut said:
bdgrbu":3qaon3ut said:
We call bluefish "Chesapeake pirahana".
Do you know WHY they're probably called that? There are only 2 fish in the world that can see OUT of the water as well as they can see IN the water ... bluefish, sharks, and pirahana ... yikes :shock: !

Dangle a lure (NOT your fingers) in front of a blue while you unhook it ... it's eyes will follow the lure!

FYI: To easily unhook bluefish, turn them on their back ... they can't use their tail for leverage and it sort of "tames" them ... I think it disorients them ...
blue fish is incredible if you smoke goes great on a bagle and it lasts awhile in the fridge