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Big Block

Apr 7, 2006
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Princeton - Harvey Cedars, NJ
Well only one for yesterday afternoon, but it was the first, and it was 28.5" so a keeper to boot. A couple bluefish as well, but they don't count ;)

Details- Barnegat light - OCC - 31 Can - Live herring...

Picture of fish and Wayne "Da Baitman"


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Good Fish.

We have been tearing them up in the Cheaspeake, The spring trophy season has been good.

Here is one my brother got the other day.


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Fishing Wire - Planer boards down there?

They just came in up here, guys on the Delaware, have been having at them. I haven't heard of many keepers my way yet, we usually do not get them good until May. I am sooo excited to get a couple of slobs...
Way to break in the season. Be glad you are in NJ as the minimum in the ches bay is 33" this spring.... (although I dont think many are complaining with a good season here).

This was the first fish I caught of the season on the BF. Caught before work last wed. Unfortunately unlike susking I havent had any fish over the mid 30's this spring as they have all been about this size. I will try again Thursday to break the boat record of 43" set last fall.


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I fished Monday 4/24 and Tuesday 4/25.

Five of us fished Monday and had our limit by 11:30. Three of us fished Tuesday and had our limit in 10 minutes (35", 38" and 41") We had 2 fish before we had all of our lines in the water. We caught 3 more for fun and were back at the dock at 9:15. We have caught around 30-35 keeper fish and maybe 4 undersize. 33" has not been a problem.

I'll post a photo later of the bigger fish.

I fish thursday. We are not leaving the dock until 8am as I am waiting for clients to come down from NJ. I hope to find some 40+"ers. We will run to TPL-bloody point then south if need be. I have to be back at the dock no later than 3:30 though.
Today's catch... (took some suppliers from NJ)


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You are doing better than me. I've done well at the rips in Mar and Apr, but was skunked trolling out of Solomons Is., MD last Sun. I forgot the in-line weights, and wouldn't you know it, the fish weren't in the top 15' of the water column. All the marks were at 25'-35' and all I did was plow the water about 10' above their heads.
We have been catching them at all depths. I'll be out Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and maybe Saturday if I get a crew together. Ususally I run to Bloody point from the Magothy but we have been catching them north of TPL in 45-65 feet on umbrella's and tandem parachutes (white and chartruse only) 10 rod spread using planer boards with 24 oz of weight to no additional weight.
All our strikes were in the 30-45' depth today. It was nice because we were away from the other boats who were working deeper water. Most the fish were on top but did pick up one keeper about 25' down. (stretch 25 w/ spoon off of a 3 way swivel-took the spoon)