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outlaw III

May 23, 2006
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Hello guys. Im an avid tuna fisherman and im always hauling my ice in coolers. My question is, how well do the fish boxes on our boats hold ice, how long etc. I hope to try ours for the first time but wanted to ask first. I know the one on our 23 cc was huge and could hold a lot of ice but it would melt very fast. Thanks.
Can't answer the question about fish boxes as my boat doesn't have them.
I don't believe the factory boxes are insulated, so I wouldn't expect them to hold ice like a cooler.

Some of the guys I know use offshore bags for their tuna.
The fish go in the insulated bags, and then they dump ice in with them.
From what I'm told, they work pretty well.
I have a fish box in the full transom. Doesn't hold ice very well. I don't believe it is sufficiently insulated on the bottom. Was planning on getting under there with a can of spray foam and adding some, but there is not much working room.

I plan to get one of those plastic/cloth-like silver shades you put in a truck window in the hot summer and cut a piece of it to fit over the top of the transom. Hopefully it will keep the sun from heating the top and melting the ice so quickly.
Thats what i thought. I guess ill just stick with what ived always done and just take two full coolers of ice and when i get fish, just stick the ice on top of them so it will last like i need it to. Thanks.