FISHING REPORT: 1/12/07 to 1/20/07 from ReelTime

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Sep 2, 2006
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Norfolk, VA
Over the past week, a front moved in and brought wind and weather. A small craft has been up for a lot of the week and between that and work, we havn't been out since last Sunday. Hopefully, this will drive the water temp down a little and possibly allow things to pick back up!

However, we did get out twice between the weather fronts last weekend and I wanted to especially thank Fred and Carl, who ran AboutTime for the oustanding night trip for Catch and Release Trophy Fishing & Fun:

Friday 1/12/07: The crewe was Fred, Colleen, Carl, Robert and myself. We left Little Creek at 1830 and ran across the bay to anchor up in 30 feet of water near the 4th Island of the CBBT.

The weather was mild (air temp 54) and wind was calm. The water temp was right at 51 degrees. We were using medium size live eels and fishing them on 12 oz of lead and a 3-way with about 3 feet of leader. We immediately starting marking fish between 12 and 18 feet of water and deployed 4 rigs a various depths to cover the water column.

Within 15 minutes we had our 1st knock down, which was a 38+ inch Striper. She was appeared very full and it was too bad that the bay season was closed! So, back she went! Things remained constant and often we had multiple hook ups, with 25 to 35lb class fish, which resulted in a few Chinese Fire Drills.

Finally, around 8PM, Robert hooked up with our 1st Trophy, which was 44 and 1/4 inches and boy, did it give a nice fight! We celebrated and high-fives went around as took a quick photo and released the fish back to the water unharmed.

Then about 30 minutes later, Colleen hooked up with a very nice 44 inch Catch and Release Citation! What a blast, this was her first trip of the season AND her first citation so she's 100%!

Things slowed down a little, but remained steady with hook-ups about every 20 minutes. We had a few hugh cows that kept taking line and we were never able to boat. And then a little after 9:30, I hooked up with my first striped bass citation, which was 46 inches. Here's the photo:


After taking this picture, we released her healthy back to the water. All in all, we stopped counting hook-ups after about the 25th one and I think if we had boated all the fish we probably would have had 5 or 6 citations instead of just 3.

Once again, thank you to Fred and Carl for putting the trip together and readily sharing their hard earned knowledge about this style of trophy fishing. They are true pro's in their own right and I never come back to the dock after a trip with them without feeling more confident in the techiques and methods we use.

Good Luck and Tight Lines! See you on the water.

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