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Mar 8, 2006
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Berea, KY/ Cross, SC
I need your help. I think I may have made a mistake and put a deposit on a Grady 228 with F250. Seems that a identical boat is having scupper trouble and water is coming up into the floor of the Grady. See Great Grady website for pictures!!!!

My question is,, has your 2310 had water come in through the scupper when two or more Chunky Fishing Buddies stand in the back corner of your boats?

I put 2K down to hold a 228 Grady till I can get down in July to pick it up but I may cancel that order as I'm not going to pay a premium dollar for their boat and hate it when my feet get wet,,,at least not from the scuppers back feeding into the boat! :? :?

Thanks for your help.
If you put 2-3 full grown folks in the aft corner, yes you will get water up through the scupper. It's a function of how close the deck is to the waterline. It's one of my few peeves with the boat that I wish Parker would address.

FWIW, my previous 24 Albemarle had the same problem and a buddy of mine has a Scout 242 Abaco that does it as well. So, it is somewhat related to the size class of the boat I'd say. The extra weight of the 4 stroke does not help, but it is not the sole cause of the problem.
I got the shock of my life two weeks ago when I had water come through my stbd scupper onto my cockpit floor. :shock:

Of course, I had 8 people in my boat for a happy hour raft-up, many of them sitting on the closed transom... and also had a 70 qt Icey-Tek in the stern loaded with 5 bags of ice and adult beverages.

First time in 3 years I've had it happen...
Thanks guys,

I have pulled the deposit.

I informed the admiral the differences in the 228 and the 2310. She felt that the 2310 offered more in usable space than the 228 did. No comparison in fishing/cockpit space of the two boats.

Backing up and punting for the time being.

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