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May 24, 2006
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East Setauket, NY
Hello Gentlemen,
I'm looking to attach a flag mast to my rocket launcher. There is an open bracket in the center where a third spreader light would go. I noticed a mast attached to one of the other boats on the forum. If anyone know of a place to buy, or someone who fabracates them, I sure would like to find out. Thanks!
I have a flag, mast, and bracket that I bought at my local West Marine... then modified it to fit the tab in the center of my rocket launchers.


The bracket has a number of holes in the base, and I believe it was meant to be attached to a transom, or some other flat surface. I took a hacksaw and sliced the base in half, and used a portion of the base as a backing plate.
Before putting everything together, I opened up the two center holes with a drill so my stainless bolt would pass through.


Here you can see the backing plate, a stainless fender washer, and nylock nut on the rear.


On the front, the fender washer was a little too big to clear the bend in the bracket, but a little work on the bench grinder put a flat on the washer so that it fits perfectly.


How's that? :)
If you are set on a flag off the launcher, OK.

I had a flag mount on the port hand rail and the flag took a beating. I mounted one between the two boxes in the transom and it survives longer. If it is in the way when I'm stopped, I move it back up to the handrail. I'll show a couple of photos.



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Perko also sells clamp-on flag pole bases for round and square rails:


-- Tom